10 Best Places to Visit in Shropshire (England)

10 Best Places to Visit in Shropshire (England)

10 Best Places to Visit in Shropshire (England)

Discover Shropshire -  Shropshire is One of the most beautiful and unspoilt parts of England you could imagine. It's a bit "out of the way" but well worth a visit once there. Find out what you can do and see in London with airGads.com and then book flights, car rental, and hotels in England using our site's easy system.

Explore spectacular countryside and historic towns, visit the remains of Roman Cities, Medieval Castles, Ancient Churches and see the birth place of the Industrial Revolution.

The delightful scenery in this quiet County depends entirely on what lies beneath. Shropshire is built on rocks from ten out of the twelve known periods of geology - the smallest place in the world to boast so many, apparently!

10 Best Places to Visit in Shropshire (England)

 1. The Iron Bridge at Ironbridge


The Iron Bridge at Ironbridge Shropshire (England)

The Iron Bridge, spanning the River Severn at Ironbridge in Shropshire, is universally recognised as a potent symbol of the Industrial Revolution. With the growth of the Ironbridge Gorge Museum and its associated Trust in the 1970s, for people working in museums and conservation organisations throughout the world, the Iron Bridge became a mark of excellence; a sign that, with zeal, imagination and skill, not just one structure, but a whole historic landscape, could be conserved and managed for the benefit of residents and visitors, and interpreted as primary evidence of one of the most dramatic periods in human history.

As a mark of both these historic achievements, and this more recent stewardship, the Ironbridge Gorge was inscribed a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in November 1986.

2. Weston Park

Weston Park Shropshire (England)

Visit Weston Park, located in the stunning Shropshire countryside, and you'll marvel at the beautiful 17th century house and the splendour of parkland's 1,000-acre parkland. The park was formerly the ancestral home of the Earls of Bradford and is now reserved for the nation by the Weston Park Foundation. The House was built in 1671 by Lady Elizabeth Wilbraham, this warm and welcoming house boasts a superb collection of paintings, furniture and objects d'art, providing continued interest and enjoyment for all of its visitors.  


3. Bridgnorth

Bridgnorth Shropshire (England)

Dating back to the ninth century this important Shropshire market town stretching across two levels has been known as Brug, Brugge, Bryce, Brug North and Bridgenorth over the years. At one end of the High Street is one of the town's original five gates positioned at strategic points on the town walls. The Northgate, dating back to 1740, houses the town's museum boasting a variety of collections too numerous to mention.

Bridgnorth's High Town is also the location for two imposing churches, St Leonard's and Bridgnorth parish church St Mary Magdalene. These two churches make a dramatic impact on the town's skyline when floodlit at night.

Bridgnorth Shropshire (England)

The Cliff Railway, with its High Town upper station near the steps, gives passengers a slow easy ride to Low Town with some wonderful views over the river. Two annual events in Bridgnorth are The Haydn Festival for those who like a bit of culture, and the Bridgnorth Folk Festival for those who prefer something a little more colourful.

Bridgnorth boasts rather a lot of steps, betwen high toen and low town. It used to be a major port on the river Severn which runs through low town. So if your of stout legs and are feeling very active try them!

4. Severn Valley Railway


Severn Valley Railway Shropshire (England)

Severn Valley Railway is a standard full-size line that runs regular steam passenger trains for tourists and enthusiasts alike between Kidderminster in Worcestershire and Bridgnorth in Shropshire, 16 miles away.

5. Royal Airforce Museum Cosford  


Royal Airforce Museum Cosford Shropshire (England)

Royal Airforce Museum Cosford. Bring the history of aviation to life, the largest set of missiles in the country. Exciting offers for civilian and military aircraft ... Another little.

6. Hawkstone Historic Park

Hawkstone Historic Park Shropshire (England)

Hawkstone Historic Park and Follies. Wooded magical land of Grottoes, cliffs, caves, and follies. Setting for the TV Chronicles of Narnia.

7. National Trust Shropshire

National Trust Shropshire (England)

National Trust Shropshire or National Trust Wales. Over a dozen mansions and historic houses and several castles all within easy reach.

8. Wroxeter Roman City

Wroxeter Roman City Shropshire (England)

Wroxeter Roman City (Viroconium). The fourth largest Roman city in Britain.

9. Offa's Dyke

Offa's Dyke Shropshire (England)

Offa's Dyke. Iron age hill forts, mystic stone circles. Museums of myth and legend, history and heritage. Get your walking shoes on!

10. Stokesay Castle

_Stokesay Castle Shropshire (England)

Stokesay Castle. A 13th Century fortified manor house.