What is Vancouver Canada known for? Travel Guide

What is Vancouver Canada known for? Travel Guide


What is Vancouver Canada known for? Travel Guide

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Named after the great explorer Captain George Vancouver, the Canadian city of Vancouver makes a fine destination for any traveler. Situated on the coastline, Vancouver is ethnically diverse, young and energetic place with charming natural views and lively atmosphere. It is a modern city, and yet its extensive green areas give it a raw and untouched charm. There are over 200 city parks and numerous gardens and the city's people seem to always be outdoors enjoying them to the most.

the Stanley Park

Stretching on more than 1,000 acres, the Stanley Park is a huge and beautiful urban park in the downtown. It is rich with natural views. Over half a million trees, some of which are old and incredibly tall, cover big parts of the area. There are over 200 kilometers (120 miles) of trails making sure that all parts of the massive park are accessible and safe for the eight million visitors that arrive there every year. The paths, especially those near the sea, are full of bicyclers, walkers, skaters and joggers, and inside the park there are also several magnificent lakes. You can wonder for literally days without repeating your footsteps.

Aquarium Marine Science Centre

Within the Stanley Park you can also find one of Vancouver's top tourist attractions - the Aquarium Marine Science Centre. This huge aquarium is more than an endless source of amusement and education for the public. Marine research, conservation activities and marine animal rehabilitation take place in it.

The Museum of Anthropology

But don't get the wrong impression. In spite of the abundance of beautiful trees, lakes and flowers, Vancouver also has many cultural assets. The Museum of Anthropology which is located at the University of British Columbia is highly notable and includes archeological collections of both Canada and the rest of the world. Another notable museum is the Maritime Museum which will teach you a lot about the area's history and culture. The "Science World" (TELUS World of Science) is well known for its interactive exhibitions and unique features, all created to make children learn about science while enjoying themselves. The Vancouver Art Gallery displays almost 8,000 artifacts in different exhibitions.

In the midst of your touring of the great parks and lazing on the sandy beaches, find time to see the Vancouver's area from above. The view of the snowy mountains, with their slopes dipped into the sea and the city's skyline in the center are quite extraordinary, especially at sunrise or sunset. The Harbor Center and the Stanley Park offer nice viewpoints, but there are many others.

For a fascinating lesson in history visit Gastown,

For a fascinating lesson in history visit Gastown, the historical area of Vancouver. It is a colorful mixture of boutiques, art shops, offices, filmmaking centers, restaurants and nightclubs. Several events like the International Jazz Festival take place in the area. Walking through the ancient lanes and seeing the steam-operated clock at the corner of Cambie and Water Streets will give you a glimpse of the city as it was several generations back.

Kits Beach

The city's beaches may not have the reputation of some of the larger, more colorful beaches in North America, but that does not mean they lack beauty or style. On the contrary, the beaches in the area are clean, pleasurable and on sunny days full of locals and tourists. There are many options - Kits Beach, Spanish Banks, Sunset beach, Jericho and many others, and they all have their own style and are lovely in their own way. During the winter there are plentiful skiing and snowboarding options in the city's area (but not in the city itself).

Bard on the Beach Shakespeare Festiva

In late years Vancouver became a flourishing film production centre, and apart from extravagant movie productions it also has many theater, concerts and festivals including the International Film Festival, the HSBC Celebration of Light, the Folk Fest and Bard on the Beach Shakespeare Festival. There is no end to the things you can see and do in the city and its area. 

For more information regarding events, sights and technical issues, visit the city's official website - Vancouver.ca.