What is Hampshire famous for? Places To Visit

What is Hampshire famous for? Places To Visit

What is Hampshire famous for? Places To Visit

Discover Hampshire - Hampshire is a truly remarkable corner of the English countryside, worth a visit whatever the weather: spring, autumn, summer or winter. Find out what you can do and see in Hampshire with airGads.com and then book flights, car rental, and hotels in England using our site's easy system.

Hampshire is a fascinating part of the world with a lot to offer to tourists as well as local residents. It has many excellent places to visit with a stunning countryside all around, historic towns boasting rich cultural heritage and small picturesque villages with thatched roofs pubs and inns. With over 3,000 miles of walkways, Hampshire has an enviable footpaths network covering the down-lands, rolling hills and heaths as well as the famous New Forest. If you enjoy the sea, the Hampshire coastline boasts some of the most beautiful sceneries and views in England.

10 Best Places to Visit in Hampshire (England):

1. New Forest

New Forest Hampshire (England)

Now, if you still need an excuse to go and visit Hampshire, the timeless beauty of the New Forest should be a very good reason to so. In 1079 William the Conqueror established the Forest and its strict laws to safeguard the deer for hunting. As you enter New Forest, you appear to step back in times - the landscape is unique, the traditions are here that have not changes since the medieval times. Now the various agencies managing the New Forest have a duty to safeguard it for future generations; a place of fascination and peace drawing millions of walkers and picnickers, who can help to protect the precious balance of nature in the forest by respecting its treasures.


2. New Forest graves

New Forest graves Hampshire (England)

A series of ancient wooden crosses hidden in the forest near Ironshill Lodge. Something to do with "O.T.Price", a gentleman that was an occupier of the present lodge in the middle of last century and a noted character in the Forest. Burial grounds for favourite horses and dogs were common among the great landed families in the Forest likely to be either hounds or, more probably, terriers; for Mr.Price was a noted hunting man.

3. Portsmouth

Portsmouth Hampshire (England)

It is easy to get to Portsmouth and once you are here you'll find it simple to get around.  There is a lot to see and do in Portsmouth. You can be certain to find an experience as different as you are. Head for the city's attractions, go on a shopping spree or take time out to enjoy the range of places to eat and drink in the city and if it's bright lights you're looking for then you won't be disappointed with the entertainment on offer.

5. HMS Victory

HMS Victory Hampshire (England)

HMS Victory, flagship of Vice Admiral Lord Nelson at the Battle of Trafalgar (21st October 1805) and of Admiral Sir John Jervis at the Battle of Cape St. Vincent (14th February 1797) is the most famous warship in the world. HMS Victory is the only remaining 18th Century warship anywhere in the world and is the oldest serving Royal Navy ship in commission - she remains a fully commissioned ship with her own complement of officers and crew and is the flagship of the Second Sea Lord, Commander in Chief Naval Home Command. HMS Victory was ordered in 1758, the same year in which Horatio Nelson was born

6. HMS Warrior

HMS Warrior Hampshire (England)

HMS Warrior transformed concepts of naval warfare when she first joined the fleet in 1860 as part of Britain's response to an uneasy peace with France - and concerns over French maritime ambitions. Warrior was revolutionary - at a stroke all existing ships were rendered obsolete. 

7. Mary Rose

Mary Rose Hampshire (England)

En route to work in 1545, Henry VIII's favorite warship sank in the Solent with up to 700 men on board. The picturesque scene of Mary Rose's remains and the fascinating story of her recovery in 1982, along with all the weapons of war and personal property found with debris, create a picture of Tudor's life at sea.

The wreck of the Mary Rose was discovered in 1836. In 1967 the wreck site was accurately pinpointed and four years later, in 1971, the hull was first sighted below the fine preserving silt of the Solent. Plans were formed to excavate the site and a team of 600 volunteer divers, scientists and archaeologists surveyed and recorded the wreck in the world's largest underwater excavation. 

8. Winchester

Winchester Hampshire (England)

Winchester, better known as the "ancient capital of Alfred's Saxon Kingdom", is very easy to explore on foot. Winchesters' history stretches back further than the Saxon period, dated to the late Iron Age. In the streets around the impressive cathedral and its close, there are many places to eat and drink, offering relaxation and views over the cathedral. Once refreshed, you can try visiting some of the towns galleries, museums and other famous city attractions. Winchester is regarded to be one of the most beautiful towns in Southern England. The view from St Giles' Hill has superb sweep of the Cathedral, and many of the Medieval and Georgian buildings that have remained largely untouched to these days.

9. Isle of Wight

Isle of Wight Hampshire (England)

The Isle of Wight is the largest island on the British mainland and a unique tourism destination. The Island's mix of breathtaking countryside, golden beaches, fabulous attractions and a head-spinning number of things to do will make your holiday here an experience you'll never forget.

10. Southampton

Southampton Hampshire (England)

Southampton is known mainly as the departing point for the infamous TITANIC. But there is more to this old port - a tour of the old city walls and the Museum of Archaeology reveals the story of Southampton and its Roman Saxon and Medieval origins near the meeting point of the Test and Itchen rivers. The city's museums tell the story of town life, the growth of the modern port and the development of the flying boats. The Southampton Maritime Museum, for example, features an exhibition devoted to the story of the Titanic. With modern shopping malls also opened in the commercial town centre, the city offers the best range of shopping in Hampshire.