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What is Edmonton Canada known for? Travel Guide

Read This Before Visiting Edmonton, Canada. Edmonton is the capital city of the Canadian province of Alberta. Edmonton is on the North.
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What is Edmonton Canada known for? Travel Guide

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Churchill Square

Churchill Square
is a great place to start your Edmonton tour. It is one of the city's main attractions and the place where most festivals and events take place. Around the square you can find several important cultural structures and governmental buildings including Citadel Theater, Edmonton City Hall the Art Gallery of Alberta.

Jasper Avenue, which is most definitely the main street of Edmonton.

Another street that offers a good insight of the city is Jasper Avenue, which is most definitely the main street of Edmonton. Most of the city's busses travel through this street and walking though it you will encounter some interesting sights and monuments. Take a tourist map with you and see the area's many majestic old buildings including the Hotel Macdonald, or just walk through it and enjoy the lively atmosphere of the place, which is the heart of the city's life.

The Art Gallery of Alberta

The Art Gallery of Alberta is dedicated to all types of art. This massive gallery has over 5,000 art pieces that includes classical and modern paintings, sculptures, photographs and many more. Due to its size, this gallery offers something for anyone and it is constantly changing and updated with new works and exhibitions.

the Edmonton Corn Maze

If you visit the city during summer, visit the Edmonton Corn Maze. This huge maze is made inside a field of corn and stretches to over 60,000 meters square (15 acres). It is a popular tourist attraction and is often relates itself to specific local events.

Fort Edmonton Park

Fort Edmonton Park is the largest living history museum in Canada. It is divided into four eras, all of which have relevant historical buildings and historical interpreters in colorful costumes. Apart from being an exciting, fin and at times hilarious experience, visiting the park will help you learn more about the area's history and erratic past.

The North Saskatchewan River valley parks

The North Saskatchewan River valley parks, known by its much shorter name - the Edmonton's river valley, is the longest connected urban parkland in North America, 22 times larger than the NY's Central Park. During the summer the area offers numerous trails for pedestrians, joggers and bicyclers, lakes, camping areas and golf courses. During the 6 months in which the city is covered with snow the area becomes a popular site for ice skating and skiing.

The Whyte Avenue may be known for its lovely historical buildings

The city of Edmonton has a surprisingly dynamic nightlife. The Whyte Avenue may be known for its lovely historical buildings and fashionable shops by day, but at night its proximity to the University of Alberta makes it into a vivid young area full of all-night restaurants, dance bars and pubs. There are also two movie theatres and many comedy and music places.

The fun-loving tourist who seeks nighttime entertainment will find that Downtown Edmonton is also full of options. There are many types of clubs, bars and other entertainment facilities and the only problem if deciding which one of them to visit first.

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