What is Calgary Famous For? Guide Calgary, Canada

What is Calgary Famous For? Guide Calgary, Canada


The city of Calagary

Book your flights, cars, and hotels in Calgary with airGads.com. On this page we offer you free information regarding this Canadian city's best tourist attraction and sites, all collected to help you have the perfect Canada trip ever.

The city of Calagary is known for being a center for winter sports and ecotourism, but visitors will discover it also has many architectural, cultural and historical monuments.

The Glenbow Museum

The Glenbow Museum is a grand house of art indeed, and it is not limited to paintings and sculptures. This massive structure covers an area of over 8,500 kilometers square (90,000 square feet) and has over 20 different art galleries. It has four main collections: Cultural History, Military History, Mineralogy and the fascinating Ethnology.

The city has become more and more diverse over the years and is now a true cosmopolitan place where different languages, fashions and cultures coexist. This can be well understood with a short visit to Calgary's Chinatown. Here you can absorb the Asian atmosphere and feel as if you have completely left North America. The city's so called Little Italy district also offers a very enjoyable experience. The best thing to do is you want to explore all the city's diversity is to go to International Avenue. There, you can try a variety of exotic dishes in one of the ethnic restaurant and do some great shopping.

the Prince's Island Park

For a relaxing outdoor experience visit the Prince's Island Park which hosts many festivals, mainly in summertime. However, it is by no means the only urban park in the area. The Fish Creek Provincial Park is popular among bicycle riders and joggers and has camping area, stables and artificial lakes that are made for swimming. If you enjoy nature and want to learn more about it, the environmental Park Nose Hill includes unique vegetation and several impressive archeological sites. There are many other options and it is in fact almost impossible to find an area in the cities which doesn't offer natural refuge of some sort.

Stephen Avenue

Stephen Avenue is one of the city's better-known historical streets. In fine weather you can walk through it and enjoy the many boutiques, pubs and dining places. If you want to enjoy some authentic shopping, Barclay Mall is a large and popular pedestrian mall that meets Stephen Avenue in the south.

the Calaway amusement Park

If you travel with adventurous children, take them to the Calaway amusement Park, the largest of its kind in Canada. Even energetic kids will be easily exhausted by the fun, thrilling and at time, stomach churning rides. If you have a taste for fright, don't miss "The Vortex" roller coaster and the "Dream Machine" swing, but they are definitely NOT for the faint hearted.

Canada Olympic Park

The Canada Olympic Park is devoted to the 1988 Winter Olympics. During the winter travelers can ski on the slopes and feel like Olympic champions, climb to the top of the ski jump and enjoy the view. There is also a nice museum and the Canadian Olympic Hall Of Fame.

If you want to learn more about this beautiful Canadian city and its sites, check out the city's official website Calgary.ca