KIRUNDO Womens Shoulder Irregular - REVIEW

KIRUNDO Womens Shoulder Irregular - REVIEW

KIRUNDO Womens Shoulder Irregular XX Large

KIRUNDO was founded in 2012, a design, production, and sales integration company, KIRUNDO's faith in design returns to the beauty of fun fashion. KIRUNDO pays constant attention to the latest fashion trends, adopts high-quality materials, and continues to improve clothing according to the observations of every dear customer. KIRUNDO's advantages are strong quality and the latest model. Our goal is to create good products with heart and to serve customers with more patience. For wholesale production, we have not relent in the high-quality requirements of the products.

The company believes that clothing is not only for everyday needs, but is the best friend of all, shows them a unique charm and a positive attitude towards life, and makes everyone happy, comfortable and confident, and aims to provide urban ladies with high quality and elegant clothes and show the confidence and elegance of our dear customers through the perfect clothes to make every urban lady enjoy fashion and beauty and bring them pleasure and excellent wear experience.

KIRUNDO Summer Women's Long Dress 2021 Exposed Shoulders, Short Sleeves Dotted with High Waist and Long Dresses Folds with Belt. Stylish women's long shoulder-top dress with a flexible high waist from Boho, long dress with a ruffled entourage. The modern length of the flexible dress extends to your shape and is surrounded by a thin cloth. One grip and outfit are ready - the long dotted dress proves that the beach is not limited to bikinis.

The soft flowing viscose quality evenly adds shape and skin, making it comfortable to wear on warm days. Made of lightweight and soft material.Shoulder rubber collar with short ruffled sleeves. High-waisted exposed dress with decorative buttons from the front. Carmen's neckline is not only equipped with the latest ruffled edge, but also with flexible and high quality.

Discover modern things in life, get creative inspiration from things, and provide women with a modern and active lifestyle. Choose KIRUNDO and start your modern life.

KIRUNDO Womens Shoulder Irregular XX Large

1. KIRUNDO Women's Shoulder Irregular - Features :
  • Women's Summer Maxi Dress:
In summer, a gorgeous dress without shoulders for the whole body is a very good choice. It not only removes complex conformity but also shows the most beautiful character of girls. There are flexible and wide skirts at the neckline and waist belt. Elongated section. There are folded rubber bands under the chest, making the dress very comfortable and making you the center of attention.
  • Beautiful edition :
Carmen's sensual neckline with a drop-down edge and prominent waist accentuates the feminine appeal of the dress and effectively shows the shape. The design shape in which Carmen's neckline rests on the shoulders is slightly informal. Carmen's wide neck reveals your sunny shoulders, lotus leaf design is full of layers, elegant and beautiful
  • stylish editions:
A summer dress with short sleeves and a thin tie at the waist is cut longer from the back and ends with a flowing ruffle. The appearance of fine pixelated printing leaves nothing desirable and also ensures a thin female silhouette. The elegant ruffle edges at ankle height add to the look.
  • Appropriate and matching:
Ideal for casual and everyday wear, holidays, weddings, beach, excursions, bridesmaids, parties, cocktails and history. With sandals or high heels or barefoot, this long feminine dress is a must! You can pair the dress for women with flat or high summer shoes and it can also be a modern hat or leather belt.
  • Flexible materials: 100% Viscose

KIRUNDO Womens Shoulder Irregular XX Large

KIRUNDO Women's Shoulder Irregular - PROS AND CONS

1- Pros

  • The exposed shoulder sits perfectly on the edge of the shoulder
  • The dress is lined inside so that the dress is not transparent at all
  • The dress style made you feel youthful.
  • A maxi dress is perfect for spring and summer.

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