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Discover Canada's Food Guide: Best Restaurants

Canadian Food: Healthy eating is more than the foods you eat · Be mindful of your eating habits · Cook more often · Enjoy your food ·
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Discover Canada's Food Guide: Best Restaurants

Find everything you need to know about Canadian food with Learn about the best-known dishes and where to find the best restaurants in Canada. On you will receive all the data you need to eat, sleep and travel in this great North American country and can reserve flights, cars, and hotels with no hassle at all.

1. Candaian Food or International Cuisine?

In most aspects, English Canadian food is extremely similar to the dished found in the northern United States. Maple syrup is indeed a specialty of the country and one of its main symbols and there are also some unique sweets such as Beaver Tails (deep-fried, sugar iced dough) and the chocolate coated, custard-filled Nanaimo Bars.

However, in the last years Canadian chefs have began developing an innovative and original cooking style which is based on local ingredients and flavors. This includes a large variety of dishes that use game meat made in different European cooking styles.

2. A plate of stake and delicious side dishes

2. A plate of stake and delicious side dishes

On the French-Canadian areas tourists can enjoy an interesting mixture of French and North American cooking with unique features and tastes. Visitors are advised to try the variety of unique meat and vegetable pies including the tourtiere, the cipaille and the plorine. There is a large variety of pork dishes and local stews and you should not pass on the poutine which is made of cheese, French fries and sauce and has become one of the most popular dishes across Canada.

Being loyal to its immigrant-country nature, Canada has an incredible mixture of ethnical cuisines including Ukrainian, Japanese and North American foods. Do not be surprise by the incredible number of Asian and specifically Chinese restaurants across the country. Canada has a huge Asian community and the big cities and small towns all offer plentiful of Asian foods.

3. Best Restaurants in Canada

3. Best Restaurants in Canada

There are numerous excellent dining places in Canada, including luxurious restaurants, homemade food places and low-cost diners. Composing a list of the best restaurants in Canada will take long and require more room than has. It is best to decide what part of this huge country you intend on seeing and then look for restaurants in that specific are However, there are a few Canadian restaurants

  • David Lee's Nota Bene in Toronto
David Lee's Nota Bene in Toronto
  • Chef's Table in Calgary
Chef's Table in Calgary
  • Le Local in Montreal
Le Local in Montreal
  • Lucien in Toronto
Lucien in Toronto
  • Boneta in Vancouver
Boneta in Vancouver
  • Harbord Room in Toronto
Harbord Room in Toronto

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