An expert travel guide to Toronto, Canada

An expert travel guide to Toronto, Canada

the Canadian city of Toronto

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Toronto sits on the shore of Lake Ontario, Canada. It is the largest city in Canada and is known for its economical importance, clean environment, low crime rate and colorful cosmopolitan nature. It is said that half of the local population are not native Canadians, and there are more than 80 ethnical communities in the city. The multicultural influences make it into a true melting pot, oozing with a flavorful mixture of societies and backgrounds. This also makes the city more tolerant to diversity and much friendlier towards strangers.

the CN Tower

Find the time to visit one of the city's better-known signposts - the CN Tower, which is the second tallest self supporting structure in the world. This transmission and observation tower looms over the city with the height of over 550 meters (1,800 feet) and offers incredible view of the city and the surrounding area. If you're not afraid of heights, take the transparent elevator to the top.

the Four Seasons Centre

Like many other Canadian cities, Toronto is a green and welcoming place. It is a maze of wide parks, museums, cultural assets and pleasurable amusements. Even if you are not great fans of the theater, the city has plays to suit any taste, style or budget. Toronto has the third largest theater quarter in the world and at any given time there's a performing art festival or a grand opening of a major production taking place in the area. Also, in the Four Seasons Centre for the Performing Arts you'll find the National Ballet and the Canadian Opera Company.

The Royal Ontario Museum

The Royal Ontario Museum is not just another art house to add to your list of "Been There Done That". It is an enormous and impressive building full of unique carvings which offers plentiful of exhibitions such as Ancient Egypt, China, Art Deco and even Dinosaurs. Ontario's Art Gallery is also worth a visit and features some expensive, famous masterpieces.

The ancient Casa Loma

The ancient Casa Loma (literally meaning "Hill House" in Spanish) is a neo-romantic castle built between 1911 and 1914. It is one of the city's landmarks and offers a secret peep into history, when Europe style and culture dominated the world. There are grand stables, elegant rooms, towers and many secret passages to ignite the imagination. The lovely castle's gardens are opened during summertime and make a very pleasant walk. Another landmark is the City's Hall, which is a construction composed of two buildings. It is an architectural masterpiece and a very popular tourist attraction.

the Nathan Phillips Square

Make a stop at the Nathan Phillips Square, located next to the City Hall. The plaza which is named for a former mayor of Toronto has many art exhibitions, musical concerts and official festivals and events. Once a week there is also a lively farmers' market in the place and you can shop or just walk around. You can also find there the beautiful small peace garden - a memorial to the victims of the Hiroshima atom bomb.

The small Toronto Islands

The small Toronto Islands sit in the offshore of Lake Ontario that are connected to the mainland with convenient ferries. Cars are not allowed on the islands and the area offers many fun activities such as bicycling, boating and swimming. For calm, relaxing sunbathing, the area around Lake Ontario also offers many beaches, and they are relatively peaceful and perfect for some leisure time. The lake is most definitely the center of the city's life. Bikers, joggers and strolling families can be seen at the paths near the water at any hour of the day and many events and festivals take place in the area.

Toronto is packed with urban parks, some including huge forests and magnificent gardens. Find the time to explore them and you are guaranteed to enjoy every minute of it. There are also many other museums and tourist attractions that the ones reviewed here and it is safe to say that never mind what styl of jurney you choose, Toronto has plenty of things to offer. For more information regarding the city or for more detailed facts regarding sites and events, visit Toronto.ca