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DC Super Heroes Takashimaya, Singapore

DC Comics Super Heroes Cafe - Takashimaya. Located in Ngee Ann City just a few minutes from Orchard MRT Station, DC Super Heroes Café is a great café and halal certified technician serving up a restaurant.
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DC Super Heroes Takashimaya, Singapore

Well, after a while, I realize that the food at DC Super Heroes Takashimaya is a fancy Western roast fare that is given supernatural names, but so what? This is one of the funniest places in town, with wall-to-wall comic book decorations, superhero badges and paraphernalia scattered from table to menu to toilet, and this indescribable energy of being surrounded by other comic book fans. It's the magic of the capital, and now you can eat it. . Hang your disbelief and indulge in a sizzling dish from Commissioner Gordon Crime Scene Tenderloin, not a bunch of decadent villains, but grilled and meaty Angus Tenderloin served with baked potatoes, garden vegetables, and beef broth. There's also the Special Smallville Roasted Chicken, which is a full-fledged table-top dish with its tender chest puffed up proudly and branded as nothing but Superman. Travelers come to DC Super Heroes Takashimaya for the dishes that everyone loves, including Superman Smallville Original Chicken Burger, Batman's Dark Night Wagyu Beef Burger, PVS Superman's Pasta Cakes Carbonara, Staff Tiramisu, Joker Rainbow Freak Shake.

DC Super Heroes Takashimaya, Singapore

DC Super Heroes Cafe Takashimaya puts a tremendous amount of effort into their burger menu, serving up some of the hottest items and super-colorful at this joint. Our favorite is the Green Lantern Hal's Homemade Mushroom Tofu Burger, which other than being a healthy burger, has the Green Lantern badge (green for vegan, geddit?). Gestures from superheroes aside, the food is legitimately delicious, and this piles up as a barbeque worth its weight in kryptonite. Kids will love the brightly colored sweets, as the kitchen turns wild with colorful pops of comic books featuring logos of all kinds of superheroes, from Flash to Wonder Woman, which carry flavors like Thai milk tea and French vanilla. Come to the picture book collection but definitely stay for delicious food. This is the method of superheroes.

DC Super Heroes Takashimaya, Singapore


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