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Cafflano Kompresso Hand Espresso Maker review

Cafflano Kompresso Hand Espresso Maker. Makes a good dose of cold coffee. The secret is that it squeezes harder and steps for one minute. The results are amazing and the Espresso is perfect.
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Cafflano Kompresso Hand Espresso Maker review
The Cafflano Kompresso Manual Espresso Maker is the host of gentle yet practical coffee, the world's smallest and lightest espresso maker that uses a Pascal Principle-compliant hydraulic system to enhance the extraction power of espresso. Kompresso = squeeze + cafflano + espresso. This espresso machine is primarily designed to give you the convenience of enjoying the perfect cup of espresso, even when you are not at home.

The Cafflano Kompresso Manual Espresso Maker is crafted from plastic and works with nine pressure bars, which it delivers while pressing and pulling on both sides of the brewing machine simultaneously. It uses Pascal's principle (the principle of fluid pressure transfer) and is the principle in fluid mechanics that states that a change in pressure at any point in a closed fluid at rest travels without decreasing to all points in the fluid. The strength is backed by hydraulic water pressure, so you don't have to break a sweat to reap the benefits of a great espresso ... but it's still very young. Not every shot of brewed coffee will suffice for two, so you may need to reuse it if you have company.

The Cafflano Kompressor maker hydraulic compressor is designed to withstand high pressure over 9 bars so that the espresso is extracted completely and of perfect quality. In addition, double pressure (push and pull handles) increases weight strength. The machine is also constructed from durable materials that increase its longevity and endurance. Each purchase comes with a user manual with detailed instructions. The package consists of a plunger, a chamber, a filter basket, a camp, a shower bar, and a cup. There are no filters that need replacing, which is great for long-term use too. Moreover, they are completely sustainable, eco-friendly, and affordable with no filters to replace them - International Patent.

Cafflano Kompresso Hand Espresso Maker review
1. Cafflano Kompresso Hand Espresso Maker Features :
  • Manufacturer Cafflano 
  • The hydraulic water pressure versus the pneumatic air pressure is ideal.
  • Providing consistently high pressure, sustainable, and environmentally friendly.
  • CAFKOBR01 design for strong pressure increases force efficiency.
  • Static high pressure above 9 bar.
  • Light ! Less than 200g (0.44lbs) /
  • It is characterized by hydraulic water pressure.
  • Compact (17cm x 10cm) / sustainable and eco-friendly.
Cafflano Kompresso Hand Espresso Maker review

Cafflano Kompresso Hand Espresso Maker PROS AND CONS

1- Pros

  • Light and easy to clean.
  • Sustainable and environmentally friendly.
  • Durable, hygienic, and easy to use.
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