Discover the Prada x Adidas Superstar shoe 2020

Discover the Prada x Adidas Superstar shoe 2020

Discover the Prada x Adidas Superstar shoe 2020

After the first drop in sales earlier this year, the second decline for the Prada Superstar is scheduled for September 8th. After an eventful debut, Prada teams up with Adidas again later next week, introducing their luxury stars in luxurious colors without a custom-made handbag. And while it's easy to access as a result, the package also offers a small selection of new colors, underscoring its predecessor in palettes reminiscent of current staples.

Prada Superstar has been redesigned with additional colors. There are now three options: mono-black, white and black, and chrome silver with white. But what defines a partnership is not the colors; Instead, each of the three options differentiates itself from building alone. The silhouette, which has aged since its debut in 1969, has simply been upgraded in terms of materials, and all couples benefit from the expertise of several Prada shoe specialists. Fittings like Three Stripes along the side, the always classic scalloped toe, and the leather work around are all made in Italy as is the fashion house's signature. The polished upper, resulting from a full-grain base, is then sealed with a minimal double-branding on the tongue, heel tab, and counter. Expect to see the classic white with black accents, triple black all-black,and signature silver chrome.
A new campaign to celebrate the new launch underlines the continuing importance of handcraft and craftsmanship in today's contemporary context. Once again, each shoe has been translated into premium fully-grain leather. It features the words "Made in Italy" stamped on the side along with the double logos of Prada and Adidas Originals, each embossed on the tongue of each pair.

The new Prada Superstar will be launched from September 8, 2020, across major Prada and Adidas stores around the world, along with select wholesalers. The domain is also available at prada.com and adidas.com.

The next aspect of the Prada for Adidas collaboration is tied to the Copa America. America's Cup is the oldest trophy in the sport and the most prestigious international sailing race, which Prada has long participated in, with the founding of the Luna Rossa sailing team in 1997. Prada's initial collaboration with Adidas was inspired by the Adidas Superstar's fiftieth anniversary. The bumper toe sneakers were launched in black and white in a limited 700 unit drop. The shoe comes with a Prada bowling bag and costs $ 3,170.

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