Colorescience brush on sunscreen SPF 30 reviews

Colorescience brush on sunscreen SPF 30 reviews

Colorscience Sunscreen Brush is a lightweight mineral powder widely recommended by the best dermatologists. This powder is perfect either alone or as a final cover to the touch of your makeup routine. Ingredients - Paraben-free.Colorescience Sunscreen Brush is a great choice for those with acne-prone skin, says certified dermatologist Debra Galeman, MD, author of The Skin Grammar. Since it is a powder, it never breaks the skin and never clogs pores. Plus, it helps remove midday glow on your face and is easy to put back on, adds Dr. Waldorf. The waterproof colorescience brush-on sunscreen SPF 30 makes protecting your skin easy, 365 days a year. Completely portable and easy to reuse, it provides strong protection against SPF 30 UVA / UVB with a touch of color for touch all day long. Apply to bare skin or just over makeup. You can carry it anywhere to facilitate application throughout the day.

1- How to use colorescience powder sunscreen?

Run the brush on face and body to release the powder. Use small circular strokes to release more powder for more coverage. Apply it evenly and freely before sun exposure; Repeat this at least every 2 hours and use water-resistant sunscreen when sweating or swimming With SPF 30 applied to UV protection daily to find a satisfactory quality for everyone. Ask children under 6 months of age.

Titanium dioxide and zinc oxide work together to reflect and spread ultraviolet rays before they can penetrate the skin and cause painful burns and damage that can contribute to uneven pigmentation, fine lines, and wrinkles. Mica captures and reflects light, highlights your natural radiance, and gives your skin a shiny shine. For added convenience in your cosmetic system, this makeup brush is self-dispensing and small enough to fit in your bag or sports bag so you can sweep more water and broad-spectrum whenever you want.
1. Colorescience brush-on sunscreen SPF 30 Features :
  • Manufacturer َColorescience
  • Ideal for oily skin, dry skin, mixed skin, sensitive skin.
  • Sulfate-Free, Fragrance-Free.
  • Excellent and recommended for acne-prone skin or mature skin.
  • Paraben-free, Phthalate-Free, Natural.
  • It contains dimethicone, titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, algae extract.
2. Colorescience brush-on sunscreen SPF 30 ingredients:

Active Ingredients:
  • Titanium Dioxide 21%.
  • Zinc Oxide 11.8%.
Inactive Ingredients: 
  • Dimethicone/Vinyl Dimethicone Crosspolymer, Mica.
  • Mannitol, Lithothamnion Calcareum Extract.
  • Methicone, Laureth-4, Dimethicone, Calcium Silicate.
  • Triethoxycaprylylsilane, Sodium Sulfate.
  • Diatomaceous Earth, Zinc Sulfate.
  • Iron Oxides (CI 77491, CI 77499, CI 77492 ).


1- Pros

  • It does not settle into wrinkles and gives a vital glow to the skin.
  • It can be used over the base or alone
  • Water-resistant, it never melts in their eyes, and one small tube lasts for a long stretch.
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