JinZiYi Automatic Soap Dispenser review

JinZiYi Automatic Soap Dispenser review

JinZiYi Automatic Soap Dispenser review

 Although hand washing with conventional methods is not effective for flushing out sensitive viruses and germs, it will not provide you with 100% protection from them. So to get 100% protection against harmful bacteria and germs, an automatic soap dispenser is used. We suggest you Jinziyi Automatic Soap Dispenser when you put your hand under it give you soap automatically and how much you want if it allows 100% hygiene. Its design is very cool, large in size, and contains a transparent body so that you can see the color of the soap and the remaining quantities, as well as the batteries, come at the front, and it is very smarting from Jinziyi We all have soap dispensers have the batteries at the bottom which can cause the problem of leakage time, and then damage the battery if waters entered it But we find that it is always difficult to control the size of the soap even at the lowest level we want. Also, the Jinziyi automatic soap dispenser is made of durable ABS plastic, and to ensure that it is not damaged when accidentally falling, you can use this unit in a public place like home or School or kindergarten The motivation to wash hands without always having to worry about re Altabihamkink experience the product and enjoy the overall cleanliness.

JinZiYi Automatic Soap Dispenser review

1. JinZiYi Automatic Soap Dispenser Features :

  • It works without touch thanks to the infrared technology that detects your hands in one path thanks to the PIR sensor.
  • For your protection, germs, and viruses, hygiene allows the automatic hands-free feature. Resistant to fingerprints, especially during the flu season and the emerging coronavirus.
  • To avoid spreading germs and dirt on other surfaces that can spread to others.
  • Large Capacity 19.5oz / 480ml is compatible with all types of hand washing, liquid, or body lotions.
  • Low power consumption with 4 AA alkaline batteries not included, lasts up to 12 months.
  • It has 4 adjustable levels to adjust the amount of soap you want to distribute.
  • You can see its clear shape the size of the remaining liquid.
  • Upon purchase, you get 1 Automatic Soap Dispenser and 1 User Guide
JinZiYi Automatic Soap Dispenser review

2. JinZiYi Automatic Soap Dispenser Specifications:

  • Manufacturer JinZiYi 
  • Made of ABS plastic
  • It contains 4 AA battery not included
  • Its estimated capacity is 500 ml
  • It weighed 8.1 ounces
  • Size 4.3 x 8.3 (D x H)

JinZiYi Automatic Soap Dispenser PROS AND CONS 

1- Pros

  • integrated PIR technology included.
  • Efficiency infrared sensor.
  • Easy to use with a large tank, easy to monitor soap.
  • It features 4 adjustable soaps
  • The strong cover prevents water from leaking into the batteries