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Linksys Tri-Band AC5400 Max-Stream Router Review

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Linksys Tri-Band AC5400 Max-Stream Router Review

Linksys Tri-Band AC5400 Max-Stream Router is one of the most powerful wireless routers because it uses advanced technology from AC2 Wi-FiMIMO Multi-User technology to improve the effective performance in your office in your home while maintaining the number of your family's Wi-Fi devices or business companions across the Internet in the same time, and the same speed, high quality. The Max-Stream AC5400 Wi-Fi is nicely designed with a home office that is double and a Wi-Fi router for entertainment and provides Wi-Fi service to multiple devices simultaneously at the same powerful speed. Featuring the next-generation AC2 Wi-Fi AC router, which features the aforementioned MU-MIMO technology and Beamforming, provides you with the same performance as it would for each of its own router. By working in your home office, you will enjoy watching high quality, delay-free video even while streaming other devices to HD or 4K media at home. It also provides you with fast file transfer, this router has 8 Ethernet ports that allow you to connect external wired devices. It also features 8 external antennas, ensuring wide wireless Wi-Fi coverage in your home office. The router is easy to use and setup and comes with a clear user guide.
Linksys Tri-Band AC5400 Max-Stream Router Review

1. Linksys Tri-Band AC5400 Max-Stream Router Features :

  • WiFi coverage; sense, up to 3000 sqft
  • Many devices support 25 wireless devices
  • Works with simple, easy-to-use setup with the Linksys app
  • It helps you in broadcasting 4K HD and playing games in high quality without temporary storage or delay
  • The tri-band router provides up to 5.3Gbps 5GHz / 2166Mbps + 5GHz / 1000Mbps + (2.4GHz / 2166Mbps
  • MU MIMO provides Wi-Fi for many devices simultaneously with the same distinctive quality

Linksys Tri-Band AC5400 Max-Stream Router Review
Linksys Tri-Band AC5400 Max-Stream Router PROS AND CONS

1- Pros

  • It provides you with strong and safe signals and saves your privacy
  • Provides powerful Wi-Fi speeds on the widest range
  • Many devices can be connected simultaneously
  • Don't be late with live streaming, watching a video, or playing games

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