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Gaming Mouse, Corsair Gaming M65 Pro RGH FPS Review

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Gaming Mouse, Corsair Gaming M65 Pro RGH FPS Review

Corsair Gaming M65 Pro RGB FPS is a competition and win-win that comes with the technology you want for fun gameplay, flexibility, design quality, and long-lasting high performance. This trick mouse provides you with a 12,000 dpi sensor with precise pixel tracking, advanced surface calibration support, and an aluminum frame that give it small weight, and great durability. The advanced weight-adjustment system can be used to position the center of gravity to match your playing style, relying on CUE strength for advanced button configuration, three-zone RGB backlighting, and overall programming.

Gaming Mouse, Corsair Gaming M65 Pro RGH FPS Review

The Corsair Gaming M65 Pro RGB gaming mouse features eight strategically designed buttons to assign the mouse to more functions with ease. These buttons will improve your response and sensor accuracy very quickly since it has a very effective tool. This is what you need for fun games. You can now get them online at an inexpensive price despite the quality features you'll discover when trying out.

Gaming Mouse, Corsair Gaming M65 Pro RGH FPS Review

 1- Corsair Gaming M65 Pro RGH FPS Features :
  • It features a 12000 dpi resolution sensor:
  • The sensor is intended for intense games that are set to a precise tracking of pixels
  • It features a lightweight aluminum aircraft frame
  • It has an advanced weight control system to suit your playing style
  • It has a surface calibration tool to improve sensor accuracy and responsiveness to the playing surface
  • It features an improved and enhanced sniper button mode
  • Harness the power of CUE creating and programming your mouse with dual macros as well as custom RGB lighting
  • The mouse features eight strategically placed buttons

  Corsair Gaming M65 Pro RGH FPS PROS AND CONS

1- Pros

  • Easy to use and high performance
  • The gaming mouse can be easily set up with 8 buttons
  • Cheap and inexpensive compared to its performance

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