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ENEGON Portable Power Bank 10000mAh Review

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ENEGON Portable Power Bank 10000mAh Review

ENEGON Portable Power Bank is a high-performance portable charger that, on delivery, you get a package that contains two units at the same price. It has a total capacity of 10000 mAh and this is excellent. You can use it to charge multiple devices. And when the first one is only running out, switch to the second group. The ENEGON power bank can charge the iPhone 7 Plus 2.3 times, the entire iPhone 8 3 times, or the Galaxy S8 2.2 times, or the iPhone X 2.6 times, the design is also great, it comes with a phone charger battery on 2 USB 2.1A output ports that allow charging two phones with very fast. It also has one Micro USB with charging cable included in the package and Type-C input for additional charging options for more charging options. The outer shell is slim, compact and soft-touch design easy to use. The cover has a matte look and soft texture that does not show fingerprints. It also contains a set of 4 LED indicators to facilitate monitoring of the unit's charging status and also supports smart protection technology. This feature reduces overheating and overcharging which may damage your entire smartphone, tablet, or iPad.

1- ENERGON Portable Power Bank 10000mAh Features :

  • With its luxurious dual-port USB charger, it keeps your devices charged all day, anywhere you use them.
  • The slim design factor ensures comfort in your pocket or carrying it in your hand.
  • It has a smooth surface with a good feel and also protects your phone from scratches.
  • There are two packages of portable chargers, each with 10,000 mAh capacity, sufficient for a 3-day trip.
  • It can charge iPhone X 2.6 times, iPhone 8 completely 3 times, or Galaxy S8 2.2 times, or iPhone 7 Plus 2.3 times.
  • The phone charger battery has two USB 2.1A output ports that allow charging two phones simultaneously at high speed.
  • It has Type-C inputs for auxiliary charging option and one Micro USB with charging cable included in the package.
  • Easily fits in your pocket or hands, and its matte design keeps fingerprints free.
  • The 4 LED indicator shows the remaining battery level at one glance and clearly.
  • The portable charger battery has smart IC technology for power

2-ENEGON Portable Power Bank 10000mAh Specifications:

  • Manufacturer ENEGON 
  • Model EN-P28 power bank 10,000 mAh
  • Input 5/2 A and output 5 V / 2.4 A
  • The charging time reaches 5 hours
  • The estimated size is 5.5 inches x 2.6 inches x 0.6 inches 140/67/16 mm
  • It weighed 7.7 ounces / 220 grams
  • It contains 2 USB ports

ENERGON Portable Power Bank 10000mAh PROS AND CONS

1- Pros

  • It contains two polymer cells each with a capacity of 10000mAh.
  • It has smart protection technology
  • Provides 4 LED indicators for charging capacity and charge control
  • Robust design and matte surface prevent fingerprints.
  • Compact design and inexpensive performance comparison
  • You can charge two devices simultaneously
  • This portable USB charger is ETL certified

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