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kamalame cay andros bahamas reviews

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kamalame cay andros bahamas reviews
The kamalame cay hotel is one of the largest beautiful hotels within the Bahamas, located off the north-eastern coast of Andros, and can only be reached by private ferry or seaplane. Vibrant rooms and villas are decorated, it is like elegant and elegant holiday homes, this hotel is located in Blanket Sound offers a sparkling turquoise sea view. Some of the most stunning views are from the spa, which flows over the water. Throughout the stretch, you can look down through the glass floor and watch the tropical fish flutter under the water below.

kamalame cay andros bahamas reviews

 The in-house restaurant serves barbecue/grill food where there is a kitchen equipped with a fridge. A continental breakfast is served every morning at the property. It also has a pool open all year round. Cycling can be enjoyed and enjoyed. The property offers a private beach area and provides free WiFi.

kamalame cay andros bahamas reviews

The island's beautiful landscape of coconut peaches, grapes, and palms that are covered with virgin mangrove fields and a virgin coast scattered by the starfish with shells of shellfish. There is also a wide range of life birds ranging from the sand, heron, and cranes to the ibis, swans and from the island, you see scenery Including ocean and beach al fresco beach. With countless conversions - from spa programs to world-class diving, fishing, snorkeling, and sport excursions.

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