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Hong Kong International Airport

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Hong Kong International Airport

    Hong Kong Airport is Hong Kong's main international airport, the airport was built on Chic Lap Kok Island on reclaimed land. The airport is also known as Chic Lap Kok International Airport, to distinguish it from the other Kai Tak Airport. Providing commercial transportation since 1998, Chek Lap Kok Airport is also the gateway to 45 destinations in China and the rest of Asia, as well as a regional transit hub and passenger hub. The airport is a large freight gateway and is considered the busiest in the world in this field and one of the world's busiest airports according to the movement of travelers. Also since the year 2010, Memphis International Airport has surpassed it to become the world's largest airports with traffic and freight transport. It is also the largest terminal terminals in the world When it opened in 1998.

Hong Kong International Airport

    Hong Kong Airport has been operating by the Hong Kong Airport Authority since 1995 24 hours a day and is the main hub for the Hong Kong Cathay Pacific cargo carrier. The airport is one of the hubs of Oneworld, and also one of the largest freight hubs in the Asia Pacific continent of UPS Airlines. It is also a hub city for many well-known airlines, including China Eastern Airlines and China Airlines. Ethiopian Airlines, Singapore Airlines, and Air India use Hong Kong airport as a stopover for their flights.

The 10 best hotels near  Hong Kong Airport  -China

The 10 best hotels near  Hong Kong Airport  -China

1- Regal Airport Hotel 5 stars
     Hotel in Lantau, Hong Kong ( 0.4 km)

2- Rambler Oasis Hotel 3 stars
    Hotel in Tsing Yi, Hong Kong ( 18.1 km)

3- Novotel Citygate Hong Kong 4 stars
    Hotel in Lantau, Hong Kong ( 2.8 km)

4- Rambler Garden Hotel 3 stars
    Hotel in Tsing Yi, Hong Kong ( 18.2 km)

5- Hong Kong Gold Coast Hotel 5 stars
     Hotel in Tuen Mun District, Hong Kong ( 8.3 km)

6- Hong Kong SkyCity Marriott Hotel 5 stars  
    Hotel in Lantau, Hong Kong ( 0.9 km

7- Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel 5 stars
    Hotel in Lantau, Hong Kong ( 11.1 km)

8- Harbour Plaza Resort City 4 stars
    Hotel in Tin Shui Wai, Hong Kong ( 17.4 km)

9- Bay Bridge Lifestyle Retreat, managed by Tang’s Living 4 star  
    Hotel in Tsuen Wan District, Hong Kong ( 17 km)

10- Hilton Shenzhen Shekou Nanhai 5 stars  
    Hotel in Nanshan, Shenzhen ( 18.4 km)


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