Galaxy Fold 2 release dates leak

Galaxy Fold 2 release dates leak

    Before the Samsung Galaxy Fold arrived in stores, the rumors were months before the delay in its launch to the market because it is the next fashion in foldable devices, but the resulting product is undeniable, which may include  Samsung galaxy fold plus a battery of 6000 mA and a folding mechanism The phone is advanced and sophisticated, there are some errors in the design of the galaxy fold, and Samsung will amend all these errors in the Galaxy Fold 2.

The latest rumors of Samsung Galaxy Foldregarding its release date are expected in the early months of 2020, but it turns out that this is already the Galaxy Z Flip phone, and there is no real idea of ​​dismissing the successor of the actual Galaxy Fold phone. On the other hand, we expected this version to be at The end of the year to give the Galaxy Z Flip a time without a competitor; it is expected to launch alongside the new Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and although the Galaxy Fold was released in February, it arrived on the market at a slow time due to the delay, so it is possible that the Galaxy version Fold 2 in late 2020.

    Samsung Galaxy Fold is still more fragile than the regular phone while it is considered more durable than it was before Samsung delayed and modified it, with the easy-to-use folding screen the main folding screen maybe 7.3 inches, and a smaller secondary screen, Since its secondary screen of 4.6 inches, this may be the screen that you are dealing with when the device is closed from the main screen. This amendment may be inevitable, we want Samsung to make Fold 2 more serious and strict, especially if this cost is high.