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Targus mobile vip backpack review

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Targus mobile vip backpack review

 When you're traveling and your smartphone needs to connect to the charger and phone power one of the most common things is having a portable charger that always runs my smartphone. Imagine the mess of the wires in the bag. But with the Targus backpack, you don't always have to have a portable charger to power my smartphone. The bag provides wireless charging with ease. This bag is specially designed for professionals on the go to keep hardware protected and connected like a laptop.

Targus mobile vip backpack review

The Targus backpack features an elegant gray finish, refined detailing and a slim fit 15.6-inch portable bag with a wireless charger. The bag does not look great, but it looked durable and good when in use, the Targus backpack includes a pocket for carrying your Qi smartphone and a charger with a removable 5000 mAh battery. The unique case design is made of soft polyurethane that makes the smartphone in a safe place.

Targus mobile vip backpack PROS AND CONS 

1- Pros

  • It makes the smartphone safe
  • Charge the phone without the clutter of wires
  • Environment-friendly and spacious bag

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