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Review the best drip coffee machines for your kitchen

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We'll review the BRAUN® and BLACK + DECKER® coffee machine and determine the pros and cons of each product.

    For a perfect cup of coffee, I advise you. BrewSense drip coffee maker, Braun ensure the best flavor for coffee and strong aroma extracted as you make your own coffee at the right temperature for excellent results Very very delicious flavor, you choose to prepare from a full pot or 1-4 cup, the drip coffee maker features elegant design and With a smaller space, low side size, and a very easy and simple control panel, it also features a distinctive display, easy-to-read buttons, and storage equipped with LED indicators. Also, the elegant appearance made of stainless steel and white will appear in any kitchen.

     The drip coffee maker features a 24-hour timer The coffee will be ready when you are ready and at any time of the day. It will be turned off automatically. It has an easy-to-read watch visible from anywhere in your kitchen. The pause system allows you to pour a cup at any time during the drinking cycle without drips to drink fresh. In addition, when you want to reduce exposure to air, close the 12 cup flavor bottle in the fresh flavor. Braun has a unique water level indicator that allows you to prepare 11 -oz. A cup or up to 12 cups of coffee.    

 2- Programmable Coffee Maker by BLACK + DECKER®

    BLACK + DECKER COFFEE MAKER is a programmable 24-hour programmable / timer machine, thanks to a host of useful features including Sneak-A-Cup programming, QuickTouch and perfect brewing temperature. In addition, it features a 12-cup coffee maker with plate Smooth-touch digital control, provides you with a great cup of coffee with ease. Plus, cleaning is easy with a removable filter basket and an easy-to-clean control panel. The coffee maker has a two-hour automatic shutdown function and a smaller space on the kitchen table than most coffee makers.

    The best part of BLACK + DECKER coffee machine is that you can smell the aroma of coffee brewing every morning on the top floor. The machine is easy to operate, easy to learn without instructions. This inexpensive coffee maker is great for coffee and is the best stimulant ever, but with a BLACK + DECKER coffee machine you will be great value!


1- Pros

  • The appliance switches itself off after preparation.
  • Auto shutdown
  • Provide drip-stop feature
  • Provides fresh coffee flavor

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