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  Nuuk, Greenland's capital of the rainbow 2020

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Nuuk, Greenland's capital of the rainbow 2020

Nuuk is the smallest capital in the world, but it is the largest city in Greenland and is an exceptional blend of culture and modernity, no longer reminiscent of the stunning landscape scenery, and features a limited set of accommodations for tourists. Although there are a few bed and breakfasts, guest houses and hostels. All hotels enjoy a central location, providing easy access to the main sights in Nuuk, and you will also be surprised by the types that this small town can provide. Make sure to go to Nook Redwood Cathedral and save it to Brugeson Market and Pacific Market.

Nuuk, Greenland's capital of the rainbow 2020

Nuuk lies at the head of a large fjord with stunning mountains in the background. As the smallest capital in the world, Knock has 15,000 inhabitants, the oldest city and capital of Greenland, but it welcomes tourists every year. Walk to the port to see the local fishermen or explore the history of Greenland at its national museum. Tourists who want to visit Nuuk must first travel to the international airport in Kangerlussuaq and travel from there to Nuuk Airport.

Nuuk, Greenland's capital of the rainbow 2020

To get to Nuuk careful planning, you also need to enter Greenland from the United States. Especially if you want to avoid cold temperatures. The friendly Nuuk people will welcome you with generous hospitality and ancient traditions. Nuuk regions and activities operate a full range of services, from whale watching to artistic shopping.

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