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Review a wool jacket for women with a heating system

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If you're a woman tired of wearing a layer on a layer of bulky clothes every winter to stay warm, one of these heated jackets is a good alternative. They are powered by electric battery packs, some of which will charge your phone as well, and are designed to keep you nice and enjoyable on the job site or to maintain your basic temperature without restricting your movement during exercise or walking to work.
We will review the jackets from Conqueco and
Colcham and determine the answers to each product

    Conqueco women's jacket is lightweight, windproof, and comfortable, with an integrated heating system to keep warm in any place that can help to promote blood circulation and relieve muscle pain. An ideal gift for family members, friends, and employees.

  Conqueco women's hot jacket is waterproof and windy to keep warm, such as enjoying skiing and enjoying it, while riding motorbikes, mountain climbing, hiking, river fishing, routine hunting, office work, and business experiences in autumn and winter. Suitable for all kinds of scenes. Because it consists of 3 carbon fiber heating elements that generate heat through the main body areas (mid-back, left chest, and right chest); Adjust 3 heating settings (high, medium, and low) with a simple push of a button or a smart automatic jump to a low temperature.

   Conqueco hot women jacket has a built-in protection module. Once the heat is done, it will stop until the temperature returns to the standard temperature

  Colcham women's jacket, promote blood circulation, relieve muscle pain. It is a gift for those who work abroad in the cold. With level 3 warming settings it will keep you completely warm, even without the heating element due to the soft cotton wool lining. The rechargeable battery is not bulky, it is comfortable when sitting and standing. A perfect gift for skiing, hiking, hunting, fishing, motorbikes, camping, construction, and leisure in the cold!
Colcham Hot Women's Jacket with a detachable hood and a waterproof and wind battery made of pure materials 80% cotton, 10% spandex, 10% polyester. Windproof and waterproof heating jacket. Detachable hot jackets for women with hood are specially designed for warmth and comfort on cold and windy days. Slim design provides you with a huge problem.

The Colcham Battery Heater is set to warm your back, left, and right chest. Press the smart controller for 3 seconds and warms up within 5 seconds It has 3 settings Red-High 131-149 ℉, lasts 3.5-4 hours; medium white 122-131 ℉, lasts 5-6 hours; blue low 104-122 ℉, lasts 8-10 hours. Just press the button on the battery heated jacket.


1- Pros

  • Promote blood circulation
  • Lightweight and windproof
  • It has a built-in protection
  • 3 carbon fiber heating elements

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