Microsoft Surface Pro 7 review

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 review

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 review
   The new Surface Pro 7 works with your work anywhere in the office, at home or on the road, as it saves you from changing your laptop to a tablet. Thanks to the Intel Core laptop processor, all-day battery and instant start feature, plus more connectivity methods, with both USB-C and USB-A ports to connect to displays, docks, and more, plus charging accessories.
Microsoft Surface Pro 7 review
   Surface Pro 7, ultra-light Its premium design that does not overburden you is now a next-generation laptop, best in class with studio and tablet versatility is, faster than Surface Pro 6, with a laptop's Intel Core processor to write, touch and draw Writing, working, playing naturally, and optimized graphics are beautiful.

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 battery life lasts up to 10.5 hours, plus the ability to go blank to full faster - about 80% in just over an hour, Microsoft tested with pre-production software and the Intel® Core ™ i5 256 GB, 8 GB RAM. PDE has completely discharged the battery with a mixture of active use and fresh standby. The active use portion consists of :

   - A web browsing test of up to 8 popular websites across multiple open tabs

   -  productivity test using Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook.

   - Part-time with the device in use with idle applications.

   All settings were default except for screen brightness set to 150 lumens with automatic brightness disabled. Wi-Fi is connected to a network. Battery life varies greatly with settings, usage, and other factors.
Microsoft Surface Pro 7 review
Surface Pro 7 is one flat piece of metal, for the surface of the keyboard and palm rests, except for the glass touchpad. Even the Surface Book screen is one continuous piece of magnesium, with the beautiful design of the ultimate Windows logo in the mirror and back camera.


 1- Pros

  • Wi-Fi 6 Support
  • USB-C And USB-A Ports
  • Jump In Processing Power
  • Elegant Kickstand
  • Solid Keyboard And Pen Stylus

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