Diet Tips for Weight Loss and Abs Exercise

Diet Tips for Weight Loss and Abs Exercise

Diet Tips for Weight Loss and Abs Exercise

Every workout routine is incomplete without following a diet plan which complements it. Our bodies require a certain type of nutrition for every exercise that we do. Similarly if you are someone who wants to work on your abs, then the one thing that your require most is to burn fat and for this is it critical to eat right.

There are many diet tips for abs exercise which can help in development of abs in a much quicker and effective manner. These diet tips help to shed the fat and maximize the weight loss as well.  The following are some useful diet tips which go well with abs exercises:

  • One need to have a nutrient rich diet in order to get good abs. the diet must be concentrated upon consuming proteins, calcium and a lot of healthy fats as well.

  • These foods will tone the stomach muscles and help in the appearance of the abs.

  • It is important to eat 6 mini meals per day and these meals must focus on protein which helps to repair the muscles. Your meals must be concentrated on power foods.

  • The number of calories that a person doing abs exercises must try getting each day is 1400-1600. So your meals must be planned in such a way that you get these many calories daily.

  • It is also important to drink plenty of water every day and limit the alcohol intake to about 2-3 drinks per week.

  • It is also important to know what one must avoid to build abs.

  • Foods like baked products, refined carbohydrates, white rice, sugar; high fructose corn syrup, pastas, and margarine, friend food items etc must be avoided at all costs as they hinder the process of fat and weight loss.

  • Infact whole fat dairy items, fatty meats, saturated fats, Trans fats and hydrogenated oils must also be avoided by those who are into doing abs exercises.

  • Some food items which you can include in your meals are almonds, peanuts and other nuts; beans and other kind of legumes, green leafy vegetables such as spinach, oatmeal: sweetened or unsweetened and dairy products.

  • Another diet tip for abs exercises include the consumption of eggs, peanut butter, turkey, whole grain breads, extra protein powder and berries such as raspberries.

  • All of these are power foods which add a variety to the meals and also provide the necessary energy required for working on abs

  • The Best ABS Machines to Strengthen Your Core, Improve Your Posture, and Prevent Lower Back Pain
The Best ABS Machines to Strengthen Your Core, Improve Your Posture, and Prevent Lower Back Pain

1. Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro

Sometimes, the most effective tools are the simplest. Ab rollers work by forcing you to engage many heart muscles (and upper body) while extending your body outwards in the form of a plank, then pulling the wheel back towards your body to get back to the beginning.

This spring uses a carbon steel spring mechanism to provide resistance while rolling, and wide and comfortable knobs help you stay firm even when you're carving on the side to target your curves.

2. SKLZ Core Wheels

No, this isn't like an AB cylinder. Instead, this set of wheels helps you move traditional wood panels and push-ups to the next level. Hold one of each hand while you're in plank mode, you can roll one or both forward or the side of your body. This moving rule destabilises your muscles from the beginning, forcing them to work harder to stay balanced and involve your shoulder muscles, torso and hip from new angles as you move.

3. CAP Barbell Ab Trainer

Bursia exercises are a classic abdominal muscle exercise, but I miss it and you'll leave your neck and back painful. This AB's comfortable design helps you maintain the right shape so you can really target those deep core muscles (also known as transverse abdominal muscles) - and helps you make the most of every crisis. It even has a padded headrest for more support as it moves out.

4. SPRI Sliding Core Discs

Another piece of simple and genius equipment, these sliding discs should be an essential element in each abdominal muscle exercise. Put them under your hands or feet during body weight exercises (such as mountaineers or body saws) and suddenly your body will have to fight a new type of friction, making each movement more difficult.

They are two-sided to work on carpets and hard floors, lightweight and portable so you don't need to think

5. Marcy Adjustable Hyperextension Roman Chair

This small exotic tool can be used in a variety of front and rear exercises that strengthen your heart. Imagine sitting on the seat and fixing your foot under adjustable ankle cushions, then leaning back in order to sit.

The key is in the back extension: To avoid falling from position, you have to involve each muscle in your heart. Flip, and your essence is responsible for lifting you out of the frame. Either way, you'll target your abdominal muscles, back and all the smaller muscles that help you maintain a strong foundation.

6. AbCoaster MAX Ab Machine

Did you know that the burning you feel during every sit-in? It comes from shrinking muscles, and here magic happens. This ABS machine promises to "constantly shrink" while moving the padded rotating seat from the bottom of its bow to the top, working on the lower, middle and upper abdominal muscles on your way up (then again on the way back down).

Rotate the seat to the side as you move, and you'll set the slanted flames. You can even add weight plates to the sides to increase resistance.

7. URBNFit Exercise Ball

Swiss balls are an excellent and affordable option for the abs machine. The inflatable nature of the ball is a built-in challenge whether you're sitting on it for a crunch or using it as a base for planks. (Sitting on them from time to time while working is another great way to engage your heart.) This device can handle up to 600 pounds and has a solid, non-slip surface.

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