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Who is the friendliest country in the world?

These Are the World's Friendliest Countries. The Ultimate List of the Friendliest Countries in the World.
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Who is the friendliest country in the world?

When you travel, you’ll realize that the best experiences come when you engage with other people. After all, these people provide different insights and points of views that you normally don’t see when you’re at home. With a company called Withlocals, the site can connect you with a local in a country you’re traveling in, making your experience more fun, memorable, and full of local flavor.

In my travel experience, the friendliest people are in:

1. Brazil


There are so many times that a stranger had approached me when I looked lost. At a bus going to Pao de Azucar, a local lady asked us if we wanted to go to the mountain. We answered “Sim” to which she answered “Aqui” – indicating that we should go down. Also happened in Botafogo, a lady was nice enough to tell us which bus to take, even though she didn’t really know how to speak English. They’re just willing to help someone in need.

2. The Philippines

2. The Philippines

While backpacking alone in the Philippines, I got a lot of support from locals – helping me hail taxis, buses, telling me where to go, to eat, etc. I also got a chance to drink with them during some of the tours I took. It also helps that they speak excellent English, so they have no problems communicating with you. Most of the people are very genuine, and are not pushy if they are selling you items.

3. Puerto Rico

3. Puerto Rico

While technically not a country (it is a territory of the US), the culture couldn’t be any different from the US mainland. This is one of the places I’ve been to that truly asked how we are enjoying our stay and how we like being there. Trust me, I loved being in San Juan. They are very proud of their island and are more than willing to give you a mini background/history of a tourist site.

4. Thailand


Although I cannot say much about Bangkok, the local people outside of Bangkok are some of the friendliest and more approachable people I’ve met. Our tour guide in Kanchanaburi told us a bit about herself and her family as she was guiding us around the tour sites. I loved interacting with her and learning more about her life through that few hours.

5. Vietnam


While hanging out in Nha Trang, I was approached by a lady who was selling her wares on the beach. She tried speaking to me in Vietnamese (I have Asian heritage and was very tan at the time) – seeing as I cannot understand her, she guessed which nationality I was. When she finally guessed right, she said “Same Same but Different” then just sat there, as we looked at each other and the beach. It was one of the happier experiences I had. For a moment there, I felt like a local too!

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