Regions of Italy: how many? Discover Italy

Regions of Italy: how many? Discover Italy

Regions of Italy: how many? Discover Italy

Italy has 20 regions. Each Italian region is almost its own world with each Italian region having its own wine, pasta, language dialects and customs. Each trip to Italy should begin with looking at what Italian regions you want to visit. Venice is the city of bridges.  Some of the more popular Italian regions are Tuscany which is famous for wine and the capital city of Florence, Umbria is another popular Italian region that is known for towns like Cortona which was featured in the major motion picture “Under the Tuscan Sun.” The capital of Italy Rome is located in the Italy region of Lazio. 

Learn more about the cities, cultures and foods in each region of Italy. Discover Italy's 20 regions.


1.Abruzzo Regions of Italy

Abruzzo, Italy boasts the largest area (30 percent of the Abruzzo region) of protected land with its many wildlife sanctuaries and preserved parks such as Parco Nationale d'Abruzzo which is perfect for hiking and horseback riding.

2. Basilicata

2. Basilicata Regions of Italy

The Basilicata region, known as the "instep" of the Italy’s boot is bordered on two sides by the Ionian and Tyrrhenian Seas and is known as Italy’s poorest and up until recently forgotten region.

3. Calabria

3. Calabria Regions of Italy

Calabria Italy, the "toe" of Italy’s boot and bordered mostly by water, is the destination for beach goers looking for sandy beaches lined with cliffs (such as those in Tropea) untouched by the pollution that plagues the seaside in the North.

4. Campania

4. Campania Regions of Italy

Campania is the southern Italy region that contains some of the most famous Italian destinations such as Naples, Sorrento, the Amalfi Coast and Pompeii.

5. Emilia Romagna

5. Emilia Romagna Regions of Italy

Want to taste some of the best Italian foods? Head to Emilia Romagna region. Bologna is also home to Europe's oldest university, dating back to the 11th century.

6. Friuli Venezia Giulia

6. Friuli Venezia Giulia Regions of Italy

The small, yet culturally diverse region of Fruili-Venezia Giulia borders the countries of Austria, Slovenia and Croatia.

7. Lazio

7. Lazio Regions of Italy

Think Rome has the only ancient treasures in the region of Lazio? Think again. Outside the city, you will find the Baths of Caracalla, the Via Appia Antica, the ruins of Ostia Antica and the Catacombs.

8. Liguria

8. Liguria Regions of Italy

On the edge of the Ligurian Sea, Liguria Italy is known for its breathtaking cliffs and mountains that line the seashore. Referred to as the Italian Riviera, this region is famous for its coastal towns that promise rest and relaxation.

9. Lombardia

9. Lombardia Regions of Italy

The region of Italy called Lombardy is pronounced (Lombardia) in Italian and is the region that contains Italy’s capital; Milan. Lombardy is the richest and most populated region in the country with a fifth of the countries GDP produced there.

10. Marche

10. Marche Regions of Italy

Marche Italy is similar to Tuscany and Umbria with its breathtaking landscape scattered with grapevines and olive trees but is far less visited by tourists.

11. Molise

11. Molise Regions of Italy

Molise Italy is a small and undetected area where complex traditions, craftsmanship and hospitality remain points of pride for its inhabitants.

12. Piemonte

12. Piemonte Regions of Italy

You will be hearing much more about the Piedmont region of Italy as Turin, the regional capital, was host to the 2006 Winter Olympics.

13. Puglia

13. Puglia Regions of Italy

Puglia, the Italian name for this region, is usually referred to as Apulia in English. This long strip of land with Italy's "heel" features unique mountain-free landscapes covered with plains and hills.

14. Sardegna

14. Sardegna Regions of Italy

The second-largest island of Italy is most famous for its posh hotels and jet-setting visitors. The Costa Smeralda (Emerald Coast) is filled with celebrity visitors every summer.

15. Sicily

15. Sicily Regions of Italy

The region of Sicily is a literal roadmap for the history of Western Civilization. Through its ancient castles and deserted churches, travelers can uncover a world created and touched by the Romans and Greeks.

16. Trentino

16. Trentino Regions of Italy

Trentino-Alto Adige, a region in northeastern Italy, boasts The Dolomites, the mountains of the Alpine range far less developed than more famous areas. The Dolomites are perfect for skiers interested in exploring fresh terrain or even for those just interested in taking in breathtaking snow-covered cliffs and mountains.

17. Tuscany

17. Tuscany Regions of Italy

The Italian region of Tuscany continues to flourish from its era of astonishing accomplishment and creativity during the fourteenth and sixteenth centuries. During this period of humanism, the Renaissance was born, and individuals such as Dante, Petrarch, and Boccaccio became the creators of magnificent art.

18. Umbria

18. Umbria Regions of Italy

Umbria is Tuscany’s lesser-known cousin. However, some believe it is the most beautiful of the two. This mountainous region in central Italy is home to olive groves as well as world-class cities.

19. Valle d' Aosta

19. Valle d' Aosta Regions of Italy

Hikers and skiers know Val d'Aosta well. This historic crossroads on the Italian-French-Swiss borders is home to luxury ski resorts and plentiful hiking trails. There are also about a hundred castles in this region, which is home to only about 115,000 residents.

20. Veneto

20. Veneto Regions of Italy

This region on the Adriatic is so much more than its namesake Venice. While the city of canals is surely one of the world’s greatest destinations, anyone who speeds through the Veneto to and from Venice will surely miss some great things.