Everything for your Driving holiday in Belgium

Everything for your Driving holiday in Belgium

Everything for your Driving holiday in Belgium

The charming country of Belgium has the highest density of roads in the world, plus some amazing scenery; from stunning architecture to quaint villages, it’s ideal for a driving holiday.

1. Knokke-Heist

the resort town of Knokke Heist in Belgium

Start your journey from the port of Zeebrugge, and you will follow a winding road along the coast, known as the “Belgian Riviera”, to the resort town of Knokke-Heist. Here you will find plenty of restaurants, shops, and countless opportunities to sample the local beer as well as other specialties such as frites with mayonnaise and local mussels. From here you can take the scenic route to Ghent, or make a stop at Brugge, or Bruges in French; a definite must-see for first-time visitors. There are many sites here worth a stop: the Market Square, the Town Hall Square, and the Our Lady Church, which contains a statue by Michelangelo.

2. Ghent

ghent belgium

About an hour’s drive from Brussels, Ghent is the agricultural heart of Belgium. Some of its most famous architectural wonders are the St. Baaf’s Cathedral and the Saint Nicholas Church, a Unesco World Heritage site. If you’re lucky enough to be here on a Sunday morning, you can visit the Kouter, a huge open-air flower market, where you can pick up fresh flowers or just have a cup of coffee and a decadent snack at one of the many cafes.

3. Car Excess Insurance

3. Car Excess Insurance

If you’re considering a driving holiday in Europe, or anywhere in the world, for that matter, and you plan on hiring a car, it’s important to consider purchasing car excess insurance direct. When you hire a car, you’re paying for insurance, but in the event of an accident, you will be required to pay a portion of the cost back to the insurance company; this is known as the excess. Certain things may not be covered by insurance at all, such as undercarriage, windscreen or tyres – these may be required to be paid completely by the person hiring the car. Nobody wants their holiday ruined by an accident, but if this should befall you, having car excess insurance will at least reduce the burden on you.

4. Antwerp

Antwerp belgium

Heading back from Ghent toward the border of the Netherlands, visit the city of Antwerp, Belgium’s most important port and the world’s center for diamond processing. There is a promenade along the Scheldt river, or you can take a cruise to enjoy the skyline.

Whichever cities in Belgium you choose to visit, they are all within a few very pleasant hour’s drive, with plenty of places to stop for a photo op or some tasty Belgian delicacies.