Best Attractions & Activities in Los Angeles, USA

Best Attractions & Activities in Los Angeles, USA

Best Attractions & Activities in Los Angeles, USA

Los Angeles is HOT in all the right ways! If you want to dig a little deeper into favorite things to do in  Los Angeles, these suggestions will get you started. Here’s a look at the most popular attractions in this jewel city.

 1. Los Angeles Union Station

Los Angeles Union Station Los Angeles, USA

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1980 and designated as Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monument, Union Station is a major train terminal in Los Angeles. Located in the northeast corner of Downtown it is a national railway transit junction. Opening in May 1939, Union Station is till date heavily visited for numerous rail and bus connections available from the station. Well known as the "Last of the Great Railway Stations" built in the US its massive and ornate waiting room and ticket concourse are attractions by themselves. Designed by the Parkinsons – father and son duo, assisted by supporting architects including the famous Jan van der Linden, it is very pretty on the outside with a harmonious mix of Spanish Mission, Moorish and Streamline Modern architectural styles. The station is best enjoyed from inside. It is striking with original light fixtures, inlaid stone floors and tiled walls. This beautiful classic train station is often featured in films.

2. El Pueblo de Los Angeles 

El Pueblo de Los Angeles  Los Angeles, USA

El Pueblo de Los Angeles Historic Park is the birthplace of the city where Spanish settlers landed in 1781 to establish a colony. Later transferred to Mexican control in 1821, it remained the center for the Mexicans even after it became part of U.S. Today the 44-acre district draws visitors to the plaza and 27 historic buildings like Old Plaza Fire Station, 19th century luxury hotel Pico House and Avila Adobe - the city`s oldest residence. Olvera Street in the heart of El Pueblo is a busy thoroughfare with restaurants, cafes, live mariachi and Mexican souvenir stands. It`s a fun place to walk around enjoying history amid the historical landmarks that include Old Plaza Church, Sepulveda House, Statue of Carlos III, Merced Theatre, Mexican Cultural Center, Methodist Church and Statue of Felipe de Neve -- founder of Los Angeles.

3. Lake Balboa Park

Lake Balboa Park  Los Angeles, USA

Lake Balboa Park is a district in the San Fernando Valley region of the city of L A. The Anthony C. Beilenson Park as the former Balboa Park is now called is an 80 acres recreation facility on Lake Balboa, with the 27 acres Lake as the centerpiece of the park. The park has barbecue pits, a cascade, a children`s play area, a bicycle path, a fly fishing area,  a lake for fishing where swimming is prohibited, a launch ramp, pedal boats, a 1.3 miles jogging path picnic pavilions and picnic tables.

Private boating is for only boats without motors or for electric trolling. There is a remote control boating cove and toilet facilities. Japanese cherry blossom trees are located in the park close to the lake where families can enjoy picnics. Parking lots are around the park and a universally accessible playground has been designed for children.

4. Lake Buena Vista Elysian Park

Lake Buena Vista Elysian Park Los Angeles, USA

Lake Buena Vista Elysian Park is owned by the City of L A. It was formerly the site of Buena Vista Reservoir operated by the Department of Water & Water. Elysian Park as it is called contains Angels Point,  Bishop Canyon (Picnic Area/Baseball Fields), Avenue of the Palms, Buena Vista Meadow Picnic Area, Buena Vista Point, Carob Tree Grove Picnic Area, Chavez Ravine Arboretum, and the Ficus Tree Grove Picnic Area.

There is also the Monticello De Leo Politti Picnic Area and the Solano Canyon Picnic Area and Community Garden as also the Victory Memorial Grove. Outdoor enthusiasts will be spoiled for choice at this vast venue. The Buena Vista Meadow Picnic Area at Elysian Park offers barbecue pits, children’s play area and picnic tables. It is a very pleasant spot and many families love to spend leisure hours with kids who just love all the gamboling.

5. Chavez Ravine Arboretum

Chavez Ravine Arboretum Los Angeles, USA

Declared a Historic Cultural Monument in 1967, Chavez Ravine Arboretum in Elysian Park is located just north of Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles. Founded in 1893 by the Los Angeles Horticultural Society, the arboretum planted rare trees that lasted through the 1920s. It contains more than 1,000 tree species from around the world, including some of the oldest and largest Cape Chestnut, Kauri and Tipu trees in the United States.

With most of original trees still standing, it is the first and oldest arboretum in Southern California. Some of the trees are the only of their kind making this a rich historical spot. The place offers much pleasure amid the splendid trees growing beautifully in the area. When you get tired of the city’s urban spaces, head to Elysian Park’s arboretum for perfect heavenly respite. There are barbecue pits and a playground and remember you’re never too old for the swing set!

6. MacArthur Park

MacArthur Park Los Angeles, USA

Known earlier as Westlake Park, MacArthur Park, located in the Westlake neighborhood of Los Angeles is named after General Douglas MacArthur. It is a designated Historic Cultural Monument of the city. The park is divided in two by Wilshire Boulevard with the southern portion consisting of the lake, while the northern half includes an amphitheatre, bandshell, soccer fields, and a children`s playground as also a recreation center operated by the city of Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks.

MacArthur Park`s bandshell is now the Levitt Pavilion that hosts jazz, big band, salsa music and world music concerts – nearly 50 free concerts are held each summer between June and September. There are lots of historic plaques, colorful murals and monuments decorating the lush park.

7. Bradbury Building

Bradbury Building Los Angeles, USA

This architectural landmark remains a popular tourist attraction. Built in 1893 it is located in downtown and features an Italian Renaissance Revival-style exterior facade of brown brick, sandstone and panels of terra cotta details in the "Romanesque Revival" theme popular at the time. 

The five-story central court features glazed brick, ornamental cast iron, tiling, marble and polished wood, capped by a skylight flooding the area with natural light.   Today it serves as headquarters for the Los Angeles Police Department`s Internal Affairs division and other government agencies.

8. Theme Building

Theme Building Los Angeles, USA

This landmark structure at Los Angeles International Airport is an Observation Tower in the Westchester neighborhood of the city. Opened in 1961, it is an example of the modern design school "Populuxe" in the middle of the century.  This singular building has been designated as a cultural and historic monument.

9. Walt Disney Concert Hall

Walt Disney Concert Hall Los Angeles, USA

Located in Downtown L A this dramatic structure is the fourth hall of the Los Angeles Music Center. Built with an initial gift from Lillian Disney, to build a performance venue as a gift to Los Angeles residents and in honor of Walt Disney's dedication to the arts, Frank Gehry, the famous architect, designed the building.

10. Capitol Records Building

Capitol Records Building Los Angeles, USA

Also known as Capitol Records Tower located in the Hollywood Boulevard Commercial and Entertainment District in Los Angeles, this is a thirteen storey tower designed by Welton Becket that remains a distinctive landmark for the city. Built by EMI uk after the acquisition of Capitol Records, the building was built in 1956 and retains the west coast operations of Capitol Records. The wide curved awnings over windows on each storey and the tall spike emerging from the top of the building resemble a stack of records on a turntable.