Best Attractions & Activities in Chicago, USA

Best Attractions & Activities in Chicago, USA


Best Attractions and Activities in Chicago, USA

Chicago is HOT in all the right ways! If you want to dig a little deeper into favorite things to do in  Chicago, these suggestions will get you started. Here’s a look at the most popular attractions in this jewel city.

1. Clarence Buckingham Fountain

Clarence Buckingham Fountain Chicago, USA

Commissioned by the philanthropist Kate Buckingham in 1927, this most popular public piece of art was originally meant to be dedicated to her brother Clarence. It becomes gorgeously illuminated at night with graceful sea horses spraying multiple jets of water into the surrounding lagoon. It is an extremely romantic place which you will need to visit to believe.

2. Chicago Field Museum

Chicago Field Museum Chicago, USA

Incorporated in 1893 as the Columbian Museum of Chicago, this natural history museum was renamed as the ‘Field Museum’ in 1905. Housed in a beautiful building in a great location, this world class museum provides collection-based research and learning opportunities for a greater public understanding and appreciation of the world in which we live.

3. YWCA Building

YWCA Building Chicago, USA

This City of Chicago Landmark built in 1894 is the oldest building located within the Historic Michigan Boulevard District near the Illinois Central Railroad Station. Designed by John Van Osdel II, this was the first YWCA built in Chicago featuring projecting triangular bay windows on top and a Renaissance inspired loggia on the second floor offering views along the Michigan Avenue and the lake.

4. Lincoln Park

Lincoln Park Chicago, USA

One of the finest urban playgrounds which can be compared with New York’s Central Park. As a matter of fact, both these parks were designed by the same landscape architect, Frederick Law Olmstead. Spread over 1000-acres of rolling green spaces around pretty lakes, the Lincoln Park Zoo and the Chicago Historical Society along with dozens of famous statues are located here.

5. MB Bank Building

MB Bank Building Chicago, USA

This landmark structure with amazing arched windows is located at Ashland Avenue. A rare spectacle, this 3-storey landmark bank atrium is a combination of raw space and fully built office spaces providing great city views. The basement featuring massive steel and copper bank vault door and walls is housing the New Bedford Club, restaurant and lounge for the convenience of visitors.

6. Lincoln Karaoke

Lincoln Karaoke Chicago, USA

Absolutely great time at an unbelievable price, and where for a party of 10 or more, you can enjoy a complimentary bottle of champagne. This place is rocking, especially if you are a karaoke fan. With fluorescent lighting and grey carpet, this great private box karaoke-joint has enough good music, booze and food to keep you singing all night long.

7. Goose Island Brewery

Goose Island Brewery Chicago, USA

As much of a landmark as it is a brewery, for all of us who love beer and are visiting Chicago. A great pub experience with a restaurant and bar where you can grab a burger, watch a game and taste a wide variety of beers with staples like Honker’s and several New-fresh-from-the-brewery specials. The Goose Island Brewery is more a name outside Chicago, than it was earlier.

8. Ford Center for the Performing Arts Oriental Theatre

Ford Center for the Performing Arts Oriental Theatre Chicago, USA

Located at the West Randolph Street in the Loop area of downtown Chicago, this place originally opened as a deluxe movie palace in 1926. Currently operated by a presentation company called ‘Broadway in Chicago’, the stunning atmosphere and an exquisite architecture inside the grand auditorium set this venue apart.

9. Funky Buddha Lounge

Funky Buddha Lounge Chicago, USA

This lounge cum social nightclub facility in Chicago provides good service, great drinks and fantastic music. ‘A BOMB’, especially on Sunday nights, with a nice, open, mature and diverse crowd this place is sexy and crowded most of the time. Don’t come here if you want to sit down; this joint is alive and rocking to make you dance all through the night.

10. Atrium Mall

Atrium Mall Chicago, USA

Conveniently located within the downtown Loop, this popular Chicago shopping mall is housing more than 40 stores, eateries and service businesses. Located inside the architecturally renowned James R. Thomson Center, the award winning, marble, glass and steel structure is home to numerous other government offices, apart from the Atrium Mall.

11. Woodfield Shopping Center

Woodfield Shopping Center Chicago, USA

With nearly 300 stores and restaurants housed here, this shopping mall has one of the finest collections of department stores and specialty shops including Nordstrom, Macy’s, Lord and Taylor, JC Penney and Sears. Basically, the Woodfield Shopping Center is a whole-day event which in many ways is captivating, you would be lucky to be able to make this a quick-stop.

12. Magnificent Mile Shopping Center at Michigan Avenue

Magnificent Mile Shopping Center at Michigan Avenue

Located adjacent to downtown Chicago, it serves as the main thoroughfare between the Loop business district and the Gold Coast. Currently, this is the largest shopping district in Chicago occupied by retail stores, restaurants, museums, motels and several tallest buildings in the United States.