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What is unique about Banff National Park, Canada?

Banff National Park of Canada: All you need to know about Banff National Park in Canada.
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What is unique about Banff National Park, Canada?

Pack up your bags and travel to one of the prettiest Parks in the world: The Banff National Park. At you can plan your trip to the area, get helpful tips of the best tourist attractions and book flights, hotels and vehicles - all at one travelling site.

Banff National Park is a true paradise for nature lovers. It covers over 6,600 square kilometers (2,564 square miles) of snow covered mountains, glaciers and endless grass plains and deep forest. There are two towns in the park - Banff and Lake Louise, but apart from them the area is composed of untouched wild nature.

the Banff Centre and seethe famous Cave and Basin National Historic Site.

Banff is one of the most popular national parks in the world with millions of visitors coming to see it every year. Banff Town is where all commercial, social and cultural activities in the area take place, and yet it is intertwined with the nature around it and doesn't seem detached from the landscape around it. In the town you can visit several museums including the Banff Centre and see the famous Cave and Basin National Historic Site.

Banff National Park moose, wolves, the Bighorn sheep, grizzly

The area is full of wildlife including deer, moose, wolves, the Bighorn sheep, grizzly bears and even cougars. There are plenty of birds, including the rare Canada Goose, and with a good pair of binocular you can go game viewing for hours. If you feel disappointed for missing a certain animal, the Banff Park Museum National Historic site will allow you to see them all.

The best way to explore the park

The best way to explore the park is by one of the marked trails in the Banff town area. These paths go through magnificent landscapes of rivers, forests, lakes, waterfalls, meadows and breathtaking views. On your way you will encounter animals and birds and can really experience the place's pure beauty at first hand.

Banff is also known for its golfing options

Banff is also known for its golfing options. If you find this strange, you are not the only ones, but this National Park has a fantastic golf course located at The Fairmont Banff Springs. Surprisingly enough though, the game of gold seem to fit the serene surrounding, and playing peacefully in the midst of the dazzling natural scenery, is an experience that you won't easily forget.

Lake Louise

Lake Louise is more of a village than a town. It is famous due to Chateau Lake Louise, the grand hotels that sits at the edge of the Lake. Even if you have no plans on spending the night, the area is breathtaking and is certainly worth a visit.

There are plenty of activities available in the park apart from the standard hiking, and adventurous sport lovers can find endless opportunities. On the park you can find skiing, horseback riding, kayaking, ice climbing and dog sledging, and many other activities, all depending on the season and time. To find out more about the different events and activities, visit the Official Banff Website.

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