What is Ottawa Canada known for? Travel Guide

What is Ottawa Canada known for? Travel Guide

What is Ottawa Canada known for? Travel Guide

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On the banks of the Ottawa River sits the peaceful city of Ottawa, the capital of Canada. Its historical position as the country's capital was assigned to it by Queen Victoria, who tried to avoid a quarrel between the larger Montreal and Toronto. In spite of many skeptic views, Ottawa has risen to the position with great success. This once small workers town has developed quickly into a huge metropolitan and a flourishing economical center.

What is Ottawa Canada known for? Travel Guide

It is a colorful bilingual city with a large immigrant community who all added their own cultures, histories and dishes into the city's character. And yet, in spite of different influences, Ottawa maintains much of its "Canadian" nature. It is a green city, full of parks, gardens and areas made for outdoor activities, and it has an amazing selection of museums, art galleries and cultural assets.

The best way to "Get to Know" the area is by foot or bicycle. Walk around and absorb the city's atmosphere, wonder through the streets and cultural structures, hike the parks or join a guided tour and explore the city's rich and fascinating past.

Parliament Hill

For most tourists, Parliament Hill that overlooks the river makes one of the main attractions. It includes several impressive Gothic Revival buildings such as the Peace Tower, Senate and Commons chambers and Parliament's Library. Inside, visitors can see offices of many well known historical characters, and touring through them provides in depth understanding of the country's past. Outside, travelers will encounter many monuments and statuses of monarchs, politicians and influential historical characters such as Queen Victoria, Alexander Mackenzie and Sir Galahad. 

The Parliament Hill also has some very fine grounds and you can easily walk around and enjoy the great view of the surrounding area. Some points will be pleasurable throughout the day and others are best visited in specific hours.

The educational Canadian War Museum

Museum lovers will rejoice seeing the number of options Ottawa has to offer. The educational Canadian War Museum, the historically intriguing Museum of Civilization and the Science and Technology museums are all worth a visit, but there are many others covering topics like Canadian aviation, agriculture, nature and varied are galleries.

The Gatineau Park

Tourists that enjoy sports and the outdoors will find many activities to keep themselves occupied. The Gatineau Park is a perfect place to jog, bicycle or walk and has many monuments and lovely views to keep the eyes busy while you workout. During wintertime go ice-skating on the Rideau Canal - the world's biggest outdoor skating ring.

Scarcely a week goes by in Ottawa without some kind of event. The people in the area are devoted to merriment of all kinds including music festivals (classical, jazz, rock, blues, pop and any other type of music known to men), ice carving competitions, sports, performing art events and general celebrations such as the City's birthday (July 1st). Take advantage of these and join some authentic, full-of-spirit Canadian fun. There are many other things to see and do in Ottawa and plentiful of attractions for the eager tourist. If you want to learn more about the city and its sites, visit the city's official website Ottawa.ca for further information and details.