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What is Bristol England famous for? Discover Bristol

Discover Bristol: Things To Do in Bristol 2021 - what's open? - Planning on visiting Bristol? Visit Bristol. Visit Bristol.
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What is Bristol England famous for? Discover Bristol

 Discover Bristol - Bristol is a vibrant young harbour city, with a bustling high-tech business centre and strong entrepreneurial spirit. It is a city which effortlessly mixes historic and new. Find out what you can do and see in Bristol with and then book flights, car rental and hotels in England using our site's easy system.

With a strong creative identity and friendly student culture, Bristol has one of the best universities in the land, and is fast being recognised for its diverse qualities. Indeed, the city itself is very confident of its increasing appeal to outside visitors, as it has applied to be considered for the European Capital of Culture accolade in 2008. Bristol has incidentally been short listed from an original twelve cities, to be named as one of the six contenders for the prestigious Award.

Bristol has a thriving industrial area, with a historical port which has seen thousands of years of sea trading history. Bristol was also involved in the slave trade, and regularly received imports from Spain, Portugal, as well as receiving shipments of cane sugar, tobacco, rum and cocoa. It was Bristol's position on the rivers Frome and Avon, which made it an ideally situated to city to have a port.

Bristol is the largest city in the South West of England

Bristol is the largest city in the South West of England and played an important role in England's history. It was once the country's second city, and although not without west coast rivals, it was second only to London for many years in the amount of trade which passed through it. The warehouses and tall cranes on the quayside are symbols of a past when the harbour was packed with ships while in the yards new vessels were being constructed.

Bristol ballooning festival Ashton Court Estate during August.

Bristol is best known for its annual ballooning festival which takes place in the rolling parkland of Ashton Court Estate during August. The International event has grown to be one of the largest outdoor events in the country, attracting thousands of visitors for what is a free four-day flying festival!

5 Best Places to Visit in Bristol (England):


1. Arnolfini Gallery

1. Arnolfini Gallery

The Harbourside is home to one of the cities cultural centres - The Arnolfini Gallery is a leading centre for Contemporary Art. It showcases new and innovative work in visual arts, including performance, dance and film pieces. There is also a bookshop and stylish cafe/ bar.


2. Pero’s Bridge  

2. Pero’s Bridge

Pero's Bridge
was designed by Irish artist Eilis O’Connell and spans the water from the Arnolfini to the at-Bristol site, creating the ‘Millennium Mile’.

3. Clifton Suspension Bridge

3. Clifton Suspension Bridge

Clifton Suspension Bridge is one of the cities icon, which provides a spectacular view point of the river Avon a drop below. The Bridge has a Visitor Centre which you will find in our directory (see below right). Brunel's revolutionary Bridge design still carries traffic 300ft above the Gorge.

 4. ss Great Britain

4. ss Great Britain

ss Great Britain is an impressive sight, docked as it is majestically down in the Harbour. The great iron steam ship was also designed by Brunel and became renowned for cutting journey times for passengers to America and Australia. Go below decks to see cabin life of the time and you will even find a glass blower on site!  


5. Bristol Cathedral

5. Bristol Cathedral

Bristol Cathedral
, founded in 1140 as an Augustinian Monastery, comprises of many different styles developed over centuries. It became a cathedral in 1542. Of particular interest are the early English Lady Chapel and Norman Chapter House.

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