Is Whitehorse worth visiting? Travel Guide

Is Whitehorse worth visiting? Travel Guide

Is Whitehorse worth visiting? Travel Guide

Discover Whitehorse - the gorgeous capital of the Canadian territory of Yukon. This city has won the National Civic Lead award for its breathtaking natural beauty and its national parks attract tourists from all over the world. Find out what you can do and see in Whitehorse with airGads.com and then book flights, car rental and hotels in Canada using our site's easy system.

Many western tourists are often surprise by the relative smallness of Canada's major cities. With around 23,500 people, Whitehorse is the biggest city in the three Canadian territories. Whitehorse sits on the banks of the Yukon River, but this does not make it into a water-city. On the contrary, the city is located in the heart of a water-shadow area and is officially the driest Canadian city.

Is Whitehorse worth visiting? Travel Guide

However, the city's size alone cannot communicate its powerful beauty. The city sits literally within the green wilderness that surrounds it, right near the Northern Rockies. This feature accounts for much of the city's character and affected its population, entertainment habits and lifestyle.

Whitehorse Fishway

There are several historic monuments that await tourists in Whitehorse. The Miles Canyon, Old Log Church, McBride Museum, Whitehorse Fishway and many others. However, the city is much better known for its activities and sports than it is for its buildings and structures and active tourists that come with plenty of energy will enjoy it amnesty.

The city's Cross Country

Cross country ski is a popular activity in Whitehorse for both locals and tourists. The city's Cross Country Ski Club offers some long and well-groomed trails and excellent indoor facilities. For the full Canadian skiing experienced you are highly recommended to boil yourself for awhile in the club's well-equipped saunas.

Whitehorse is known throughout Canada as well as worldwide for its love for sport and it has hosted many events including the Arctic Winter Games and the 2007 Canada Winter Games.

the Takhini Hot Springs

If you are not into skiing, hiking and sledges are also popular and the city's location really does help you feel as if you were living in the wild, in spite of its modern facilities, luxurious hotels and fine restaurants. If you've had enough cold for awhile go soak in the Takhini Hot Springs that also conduct many activities in summertime or winter. There are lovely rustic wooden cabins for tourists that wish to spend the night and a great restaurant.

If you are after indoor activities, visit the Canada Games Centre that really does have any sport activity imaginable. Here you can play soccer or basketball, swim, skate, play Volleyball or sweat off on the running tracks.