Wayl Emergency eather Radio 4000mAh review

Wayl Emergency eather Radio 4000mAh review

Wayl Emergency eather Radio 4000mAh review

Wayl Emergency Weather Radio is the best radio ever, featuring a massive 4000 mAh battery that will keep you busy for a few times. However, you should know that a battery of this size takes a long time to charge. It is very similar to other brands of radios that accompany the full coverage of FM and AM waves and will use about 7 NOAA weather stations if you want to update the weather. With this massive battery, the radio gives you up to 12 hours of uptime and thus the ability to fully charge your mobile device if that's the case.

Unlike other radios, this device features a dual speaker that should be much higher than other devices. It also includes a port for your MP3 files, allowing you to play a number of your favorite tunes. Really effective LAD lamp works, but high SOS alarm is what will save your life in bad situations. At 1.2 pounds with this huge setup, it will be hard to find decent storage for this unit. However, the functionality makes it a great choice for all camping or backpacking needs. The only real complaint is that the size and settings are easy, and therefore large disks allow you to find complex frequencies.

Wayl Emergency Weather Radio 4000mAh review

1. Wayl Emergency Weather Radio 4000mAh Features :

  • 7 NOAA weather stations 7/7 coverage of weather/disaster/hurricane/emergency broadcast
  • It guarantees local AM / FM radio stations.
  • Good for emergencies and hurricane supplies, while hiking, boats or camping accessories, have fun anywhere on the go.
  • It enables you to operate the portable 4-way solar power, manual crank, Micro USB or battery-powered AAA batteries
  • You can charge your device or smartphone with a dedicated USB port in case of power failure.
  • Includes LED reading light, LED emergency lamp, dual speakers, SOS alarm,
  • Includes headphone jack, USB USB player port, TF TF port
  • Foldable radio handle, waterproof.
  • Backed by a one-year warranty
Wayl Emergency Weather Radio 4000mAh review

2. Wayl Emergency Weather Radio 4000mAh Specifications:

  • Manufacturer JinZiYi 
  • 4 ways to recharge a battery-powered radio
  • Dual speakers and headphone jack
  • AM / FM radio stations
  • Charging with AAA batteries
  • Lighting, alarm and SOS alarm
  • Solar LED Light - 100 Lumens
  • LED reading light (can corner) - 20 lumens
  • Play music through USB memory stick or TF card
  • 4000mAH rechargeable Li-ion battery
  • Weight 1.2 lbs
  • Dimensions 7.4x3.9x2.7
Wayl Emergency Weather Radio 4000mAh review

Wayl Emergency Weather Radio 4000mAh - PROS AND CONS

1- Pros

  • Small, solid, large radio.
  • Perfect radio and has everything I need.
  • It has the option of charging the solar power, batteries, or a hand crank.