Artinova Wooden Headset Holder Headphone review

Artinova Wooden Headset Holder Headphone review

The Artinova Wooden Headphone Stand is one of the finest headphones holder designed to improve the general type of your desk. Made of premium quality walnut wood, it has been painted and will be durable enough to last a few years before you start to deteriorate naturally, it is a kind of regular decoration that you simply added to your home. The rounded base is fitted with rubber pads for stability, but since it weighs about 10 ounces, the stand is also heavy enough to stay steady and gives you some durability when it comes to headphones. It's only intended for headphones, if you have a cable that needs to be stored, it can be easily wrapped around the stand And keep it safe or out of your way while not using it. We have tested it to be compatible and simply contains most popular brands without any problems or modifications required

The only undesirable thing we've seen is that there should be a variety of padding on the top straps. This is due to the lack of this filling, it leaves indentations on the filling of your headphones. However, this damage is not permanent but can cause some problems if you leave the headset there or not use it for a short period of time. As for its price, it is an inexpensive option that may enhance the overall look of your office and ensure that the headphones are fully protected. As we mentioned earlier, the wood base is somewhat sturdy and stable. If you don't need any technical features to support your headphones, this might be a great buy option

1. Artinova Wooden Headset Holder Headphone  Features :
  • Manufacturer Artinova
  • Milky white sabo walnut wood, predominantly black fabric with stripes.
  • Smooth surface, excellent touch feeling.
  • Three parts, simple combination, suitable separation glossy paper surface.
  • features a lower part like a stand plate that can store cables, stand stably, and other small things.
  • The headphone holder supports headphones of all sizes
  • Hight 10.91 inches
  • Weight 9.6 ounces
  • Dimensions 11.3 x 7.8 x 1 inch

Artinova Wooden Headset Holder Headphone PROS AND CONS 

1- Pros

  • Easy to assemble, looks durable
  • It forms a fun decorative pattern.
  • The wood is solid and not easy to break.
  • Maintains office organization.
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