Black and Decker Iron D3030 Review

Black and Decker Iron D3030 Review

   The Black and Decker D3030 Iron is a premium digital steam iron but it does have small differences with the D2030 Black and Decker model. Model D3030 has a screen directly under the handle, but the steam lever is on top. This is what makes you, you will not accidentally touch it, or even change the steam setting, but it is not desirable that the display of the display does not appear with the handle and your hand as well. Some consumers find it stressful when they want to change their fabric settings. It also contains a large and sufficient water tank for a long time and emits 30% more steam compared to other types with the same dynamic steam technology. It can fill 12 ounces of water that we can compare with Rowenta Pro Master Iron. On the other hand, the plastic tank is dark, which makes it is difficult to see the water level in the tank. Also, the tank must be refilled, and the iron placed horizontally on the steel iron base. Usually, or putting the iron on its heel while refilling it with water. But the price is inexpensive for this iron, which reduces many of the unwanted expectations compared to the best Rowenta powerful iron. In general, most people like the Black and Decker D3030 steam iron despite the few leaks and malfunctions that occur to a smaller group of consumers.

Black and Decker Iron D3030 features:

  • Iron base made of stainless steel
  • Provides you with dynamic steam technology
  • It has a digital LED display
  • Steam technology provides
  • Temperatures can change as well as steam controls
  • Automatic extinguishing ear to not use
  • It has protection against drip
  • It has an automatic cleaning system


1- Pros

  • It has a large enough water tank for a long time
  • It produces good and strong steam
  • Steam lever on top
  • The soft base helps you iron sensitive clothing

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