Topgo cup holder phone mount reviews

Topgo cup holder phone mount reviews

Topgo cup holder phone mount reviews

 TOPGO Cup Holder, the highest quality in design, modern and easy to install in the car is the perfect solution to solve the problem of driving with the phone problem. And now you do not have to worry about connecting the phone holder to the car windshield as it bounces off. It features a flexible base that allows for different scenes, such as when the sun hits it, reflections, etc.

Topgo cup holder phone mount reviews

  In the innovative design of the TOPGO Cup Holder, it will not obstruct your vision when driving, and you should not attach anything to the dashboard or window, just place it in a cup holder and fix it. Made of durable plastic and an adjustable heavy base, the cradle has long arms for greater depth and longer length, and is suitable for your car cup holder between 2.4 ”and 4(61 ~ 100 mm) in diameter, and the phone holder will securely close the cup holder.

Topgo cup holder phone mount - PROS AND CONS 

1- Pros

  • Designed to fit any sized cup holder inside the vehicle.
  • The adjustable cup comes easily and easy to install.
  • It provides easy charging of your phone

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