Greenland Ice Island is located in the north of the Atlantic Ocean, is the largest island in the world. It attracted scientists, adventurers, and explorers to visit the Blue River on Peterman Iceberg. The river is considered one of the most important floating glaciers in the northern hemisphere, as it melts the melting of Petermann Glacier in the lower regions of the glacier and creates a clear blue water river. It has a spectacular view and a stunning blue colored color comes from the ice silt every season the river has a shape, but the blue river is always amazing and beautiful.

   Greenland tourism offers river rafting is one of the greatest places for boating, excursions and exploring Arctic wildlife, Greenlanders - and meeting the Inuit, and other attractions is definitely a unique experience, you can visit Greenland in August. The summer is intense, with fewer tourists, but many and many tourists. In the cold and dry winter season (from December to April) it is the most popular season among those who enjoy it.
  Tourists travel to Greenland by plane or ship from Canada, Denmark, or Iceland. The flight is on a plane. Either from the United States of America, Canada, and Europe by ship.